Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #22

Harley returns from LA to an assassination attempt and two very good reasons to be a free spirit.

The Spoilers:

Harley's done spending Deadshot's money in LA and decides it's about time to head back to the east coast… where that old Russian lady who she and Sy killed gets turned into a cyborg by her grandson and wants revenge. Standard stuff.

So back in New York, there's a failed assassination attempt on Harley, meanwhile in prison, Mason keeps getting beat up because there's a hit on him or something, and finally, Sy is missing. Harley comes home having almost been killed to both these situations and is split between the two, forgetting whichever one was mentioned earliest. So she gets the gang of Harleys and goes on double duty to rescue them both.


The Opinion:

So as you can tell, I'm keeping this short. Like I've said before, I love this book, it's really fun, but there really isn't much point in giving a detailed plot rundown of a book whose narrative doesn't really take itself seriously. There isn't a reason to explain jokes either, so yeah… This is probably where my coverage is going to lay for the series going forward, just very to the point.

Anyways, enjoyable issue, Chad Hardin is back on art, and it looks great as ever. There's a little day to day life stuff with Harley attempting to kill someone who tells her to shut up, but she just has her birds shit all over him. You know, typical Harley stuff. There's a fair bit of cheesecake in this issue as well, so if that's your thing, good for you, if not, I don't know, go be mad at Frank Cho?

Then there's the everlasting problem I have with this book and Mason. I just don't like the character and don't enjoy when the book chooses to spend time on him. He's just boring all around… Boring character, boring romantic interest, boring everything. For a character as out there as Harley is, he just doesn't stack up next to her… Is it wrong for me to say I hope Joker kills him in the issue just solicited? I mean, I wouldn't mind it, that's for sure.

Anyways, Harley is Harley, book looks good, is fun as always, and all that. 22 issues and countless one shots in, you know what you're gonna get. 

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  1. Pretty sure it's Joker behind the attacks on Mason, based on the solicits and the whole Joker doll scene.