Wednesday, November 25, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #8

Yo, in case you were wondering, Mother is still up with some sketchy shit and I guess you should't touch Cassandra Cain's hair also Michael Lane is WAAAAAY better, just throwing that out there.

The Spoilers:

Long story short, while Cass and Harper are fighting off Mother's pawns, Dick is confronting her and getting his mental ass whipped by her taunts. Mother tells Dick that Bruce came to her looking for an heir because he sucked, lol. Dick has one question, if she gave him an heir, which one was it, as in, which Robin does he have to look out for... But Mother doesn't give that info up, only an ultimatum: Come with her and learn the truth or stay to save Cass and Harper, potentially never seeing her again.

Clearly Dick stays and helps Cass and Harper out. Afterwards when they're resting up, Harper touches Cass' hair, she has some throat slitting flashback, freaks out and runs. Dick and Harper can't find her and return to the cave, where Dick remembers Mother saying something about leaving Prague and a Nursery.

Elsewhere, on that island from Wildstorm books, Tim and Jason are looking for some arms dealer and find him freaking the fuck out on fear toxin or something. When they ask who did this to him, the dude tells them "The angel of death"

annnnnnnd going back to the first issue of the story, I feel pretty safe in saying that means Jean-Paul Valley ain't far behind, and was also probably the "heir" Mother provided Bruce so Dick is real far off base.


The Opinion:

Look a recent interview with Newsarama basically confirmed JPV is happening, along with David Cain, so with that in mind, I was ready to call this just another "alright" issue which probably should have laid out a bit more than it did, but typing up the write up I pretty much put it together on the spot that JPV was probably the heir Mother was referring to and now it makes this issue mean a whole lot more if I'm right, which is probably the case.

SO YEAH. Pretty cool issue if that's the case.


  1. Huh, I got the general Azrael-esque reference from the "angel of death" thing, but never put it with the heir comments.

  2. I think Harper is the heir based on the upcoming solicits and the fact that Batman has known about her for a longer time than he lets on according to the interviews, but JPV being the heir would be a fun spin on the fact that he was the first character to replace Bruce as Batman for an extended period of time.

  3. Michael Lane is a great character, but I've got a real soft spot for Jean-Paul Valley, so I'll be stoked if he's actually coming back. Everyone just remembers him as the "insane Batman replacement", sadly.

  4. Small nitpick, but why the hell did Jason's costume change? Isn't he wearing a bomb vest or something now?

    1. good riddance, that costume is garbage

    2. The vest wasn't even the worst part, I hate ANY instance of giving Red Hood a literal red hood.
      It looked okay in the first issues of Eternal though, so I was cool with it.

    3. I remember the day I realized that his costume literally featured a red hood, I believe I was just sitting at my computer and went "oh, you motherfuckers"