Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #7

Harper and Cassandra go to the ballet while Jason brings underage children to a bar! Should have been the solicit to this issue.

The Spoilers:

So, long story short, Dick, Harper and Cassandra go to Prague, where Bruce and Dick chased Scarecrow to back when they originally dealt with Mother, and Orphan has been tracked down to a ballet. So, Dick has Harper and Cass attend the ballet to scope it out (Cass particularly enjoys it due to the body language of the performance, clever) while he snoops around back.

Meanwhile, Jason and Tim (who is still pissy about Dick) head to Gamorra where Tim has tracked down the same electro signal that was used to trigger Mother's agents. Like I said, Tim is still bitter so he and Jason beat up some black market guy for info or something like that.

Back in Prague, turns out that the star of the ballet and her director/handler/whatever ballet thing, are all in it with Mother, and as you'd expect from the ending of the last issue, it's a trap, and the star performer targets Cass and Harper, as do the rest of the performers, while Mother greets Dick, saying she's happy to see him again.


The Opinion:

I don't want to say this series has begun to spun its wheels, because it's still relatively early, but these last couple of issues have just sort of slowly been pushing things along without any real revelations or new information. Again, it's early, but given this series' previous volume, as soon as there's something to be said about pacing, I start to get a bit worried. I stress again, I'm not sitting here like "HERE WE GO AGAIN, WEEKS OF NOTHING NEW" but I hope this introductory arc finishes up and the real meat starts soon.

That said, I really liked what they did with Cass in this issue. Her being so moved by the ballet was real clever. I don't give two shits about ballet, not my thing, but I can totally understand why Cass would get so emotional over it, and it makes perfect sense. Highlight of the issue by far, even if it didn't really do anything to advance the plot, it was just a great character moment.

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