Wednesday, November 11, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #6

It seems like its time for a flash back issue, soooooo FLASH BACK ISSUE!

The Spoilers:

Long story short: This issues shows how Bruce first learned of Mother. After the previous Flashback, he and Dick return to the cave, where above there's some socialite gathering going on or whatever, rich guy stuff. At the party, Bruce meets with some real-estate dude who starts asking Bruce when he's going to settle down, then goes on to speak about his wife… THEN says something about her not really being who she says she was, she was an orphan in Prague and this Mother person basically engineered her to be the perfect wife, fake history and everything. Some parallels are made that Bruce is doing the same with Dick, taking an orphan in and making him something new. Anyways, that dude starts talking too much and gets the stank eye from some big ass looking dude who Bruce later can't identify, and goes "Nevermind it was all a joke BYEEEE."

So in the cave Bruce looks into his buddy's apartment building and sure enough, white hooded dude who was with Crane shows up and cuts the feed, leading to the death of that dude and his fake wife. Off to Prague Bruce and Dick go, looking for Mother, a human trafficker who engineers the orphaning of kids so she can form them into something she can sell.

So Dick tells Jason he's going back to Prague and that he's got a new place for Harper and Cass to stay that'll keep them safe. Jason is like "That's Bruce of you" so Dick decides to bring Harper and Cass along. Yaaaaaay.


The Opinion:

Definitely a step up from the previous issue as it served more of a purpose than just going "let's have Tim and Dick fight for some reason." Flash back, filled in some gaps, set some stuff up, made some interesting parallels. Art was nice aside from a few faces that were at strange angles with a lot of teeth showing, just a bit derpy. I'm starting to remember how difficult it starts to become to talk about the same book on a weekly basis… So yeah, good flashback issue.


  1. Yeah, I'm thinking the Orphan is David Cain. Definitely related to Cassandra in some way.

    1. Yeah, probably. I thought the guy who eyes the dude at Bruce's party could be Orphan who then could be David Cain. Looked to be of Asian descent, and since I doubt they kept Lady Shiva as being Cass's mother, that could explain a potential change with Cain.

    2. I read that as definitely being the Orphan, yeah.

  2. I'd like a book that fills in the gap between Zero Year and the current years of Batman's career in this new continuity, shows more adventures of Batman with his various Robins.