Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #5

Remember how Tim Drake's continuity is super convoluted in the New 52? No? Well, be prepared to remember it now!

The Spoilers:

So Dick goes to investigate Tim's parents and they seem to think Tim died, Poppy shows up having tracked the hypnos, they fight, the house goes into lockdown. Tim shows up after fight, mad about Dick invading his privacy. Apparently no one knew anything about Tim's history. Dick is all "That's what Bruce would have done to be safe" and Tim is all "I know that's what he would have done, but it's you who did it." Tim's parents know he's a hero too apparently. I don't know.

The other part of the issue was Harper following Cass to the same church Bruce and Dick investigated years ago with Crane and Orphan in it. Now it's being used by the Order of St. Dumas, sooooo JPV? Anyways, Orphan shows up does the whole "you can still rejoin us Cassandra, you're a monster, that's all they'll see of you." Cassandra cuts off his fucking hand and he retreats. She starts crying, Harper says it's not true. And that's that of this issue.


The Opinion:

I've skimmed some other reviews of this issue and have to echo that this issue was the first real bump in the road for the series. Not that it was flat out bad or anything, just nothing sort of happened, and when nothing happens in an issue of a series with "Eternal" in the title, I start to have bad flashbacks. Tim argues with Dick, Cass has a "I don't want to be a monster" moment, the end. Nothing really entertaining or exciting. The only thing this issue really accomplishes is reminding you how completely fucking weird Tim's continuity is in the post-New 52 world. 

Then there's the art. You may notice that I don't really talk about art as much as I do writing and that's because I just don't have the technical no how to properly criticize technique and all that. If it's good, I'll say it looks fucking good, if it's bad, I'll usually just pass over it. Not this issue. Nope. If you follow me on twitter, you may have caught me talking a bit how when you look at the solicited artists for this series, no one outside of Tony Daniel, the main artist, really stands out, as most of the art that's to be provided for the book falls in the hands of people that fit a DC "house" style, with no one really having a really unique style. Sure, there are some names I like such as Daniel or Fernando Blanco, but compared to the likes of Jason Fabok, Mikel Janin, Dustin Nguyen, Guillem March, Andy Clarke and more... Man the artists solicited for this book are lacking. Then you get to this issue, which followed an issue that wasn't so hot in the art department as well. Unfortunately, it gets worse here. Split between three different artists, the book looks like a hobbled together patchwork you'd expect from last minute fill-in on a low selling title. This is supposed to be one of DC's tentpole titles, and the art is no where near reflecting that. It should look better, but instead it just looks flat out bad.


  1. Uh, that Orphan dialogue makes me think that he's Cassandra's dad. "I'm perfectly happen to bury my children."

    1. Possibly, but there's the whole general idea that they're all Mother's children too.

  2. I did like Tim's "That's what Bruce would do" right after he punched Dick in the face. Punching Dick in the face is exactly what Bruce would do!

  3. Even I was annoyed by the fake out.