Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stack Rundown, 10/25/2015

DC tries to retcon the messiest of their current continuity, I read a book with "Inhuman" in the title, Tokyo Ghost is still fucking fantastic, and ZIM.

Justice League #45

I know Darkseid just fucking died, but this story seems to have hit a lull. It feels like this issue was just setting up the various spinoff one shots that are coming out within the next month and given that I don’t really care about a lot of those… yeah. Clearly, more big shit is coming including the Anti-Monitor being whatever he is and the Crime Syndicate coming back into the picture, but now it’s just sort of “hey, there are five or six one shots, here’s sorta what to expect from them all."

Secret Six #7

I’m really enjoying this book like I did the last volume that Gail Simone wrote, and this issue is a great example of why: It used the DCU in a cool and interesting way. So we got all the mystic characters hanging out with each other in a secret club house, some good, some bad, but they’re all meeting together to figure out what to do with Black Alice. Seeing shit like that is cool, especially in a post shared universe in shambles New 52 world… Come to think of it, it’s pretty much just the Hellfire Club from the X-Men, isn’t it? Oh well, still cool.

Titans Hunt #1

So I kind of don’t give a shit about the original Titans or restoring any of the pre-New 52 past, I’ve just never really been a Teen Titans sort of guy, that said, from a purely academic standpoint, I’m so god damn curious to see how they retcon this shit and trying to figure out a way to make it seem like they’re not just blatantly throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks. It’s a basic set up issue, where all the characters who were Titans have some secret history that they don’t remember and got erased or something… Dick, Roy, Garth, Lilith… and some other people who I’ve got NO IDEA as to who the hell they are. Gnarrk? Who in the fuck is Gnarrk and who cares?! Also, having fill-in art in the first issue is super shitty. It’s the first fucking issue, finish it! Doesn’t help that I think Borges is a bad artist, completely expected Siqueira not to finish a full issue and the fact that the artists rotate between pages in the same scene. In terms of consistency, it’s a shitty looking book.

Uncanny Inhumans #1

So, after that Uncanny Avengers issue, I thought "eh, maybe I'll read the Inhumans book, I like Charles Soule and DC letting him slip away was fucking stupid." And I'm sure when they heard that, Marvel was all:

Because Marvel is super easy to explain if you picture them as Vince McMahon and the Inhumans as Roman Reigns, because HOLY SHIT does Marvel really want the Inhumans to work.

But turns out, I can read an issue of an Inhumans book and come to the conclusion I already knew to be true: I don't give two flying fucks about the Inhumans.

Tokyo Ghost #2

FUCK THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD. Just everything about it, the art, the colors, the setting, the characters, it’s just flat out great. Really, the relationship between Debbie and Led is what’s the most compelling part, and we get more depth to it in this issue as to a lot of the “why” of it all. Seeing that it’s a Rick Remender written book, there’s a good chance that things could go horribly wrong for the two and that would probably make me all sorts of sad because I love these two characters so much already. Don’t get me wrong, I like Deadly Class, Black Science and Low, but this book man, this book is just a whole different level… Just Rick Remender and Sean Murphy at their absolute best.

The Fade Out #10

Not a whole lot to say about this one in general. It’s getting close to the end, things are sure to start coming together next issue, and it’s all good and fine. Lots of moral shades of grey, Hollywood intrigue with the 40s and feds running about… all the sort of stuff that has been the tent pole of this series since the beginning. Looking forward to how it wraps up.

Invincible #124

Not going to lie, I sort of just breezed through this issue, not paying nearly enough attention to it as I should. I’ve said it before, but I’m just so sick of these Invincible stories where Mark gets lost in another dimension for a couple issues and comes back to his life being shitty. He’s going to come back and it’s going to be some dumb shit like him and Eve aren’t together anymore, or Thragg took over his galaxy, or some dumb shit. Then Mark will slowly get his life back together, then he’ll be sent into an alternate timeline for three issues and the cycle will repeat. I’d love to be proven wrong on this one, but I feel confident in saying that shit is going to go bad for mark in the past and it’s going to make the future that much more worse.

The Beauty #3

This book is a lot like The Fade Out… I really like what it does, I like the art, but for whatever reason I just don’t have anything to say about it. I kind of feel bad. I read an issue and go “I liked what I read. The end.” I mean, there’s government and cooperate conspiracy, a disease that makes everyone look hot as fuck, russian hit squads (I think?)… There’s a lot going on! I like it… just… just that, I guess?

Invader Zim #4

Where I think it was last issue that had Zim just fucking with Dib… or maybe it was #2, regardless, there was an issue that Zim was just trolling… and now he’s getting it back from the tallest just trolling him for 20 pages, telling him to charge a weapon by doing crazy shit like smacking humans in the face with it… only the weapon is some leftover cheetos… so of course Zim keeps doing these things and slowly goes more and more insane in the process… Usual invader Zim shit, and that’s why this book is still so good, because it’s pure stupid insanity.

Clean Room #1

Speaking of Gail Simone, I picked up the first issue of her new Vertigo series… partly just because I’ll at least pay attention to any book Jenny Frison does the covers to, but since I’ve already read a bunch of Simone’s work, I figured I’d give this a shot too. It was real heavy on set up… this sort of scientologist leader is into some spooky shit and a journalist who just failed at killing herself after a whole lot of bad shit (probably due to this lady) wants to know what. It has potential, that’s for sure, but nothing really hit hard for me in this first issue. I’ll stick around to see where it goes, that’s for sure.



  1. I completely did the same thing regarding uncanny Inhumans I talked myself into then immediately realized I don't give a sh#t about any of these characters. Also if you think Titans hunt is strange try the new Lois and Clark. Apparently red trunk supes has been here since the beginning of the new 52?

    1. Yeah, I went on a mini rant about that on Twitter. Of all the characters, Superman who should be SO EASY to write, has by far gotten the most convoluted end of the post-New 52 stick. No one fucking knows what to do with him. His direction seems to change every 6 months. It's insane. Now they're expecting his new secret identity of "Archie Clayton" to stick? Are we supposed to take that fucking seriously? Because it's a total joke. What was the point of exposing his identity if you aren't going to make the status quo Superman and Clark Kent being public? What's the point of him hiding out and calling himself Archie god damn Clayton?

      Superman is completely fucked and I feel bad for his fans to be honest.

  2. Archie Clayton is a temporary thing. He was using a cover to get access to a particular area where the bad guys were up to shenanigans. They're not trying to sell it as a new permanent thing I don't think.

  3. I'm 100 percent with you re: Soule and Marvel and The Inhumans. It's such a transparent attempt to marginalize and replace mutants to service the movie universe. But it makes for TERRIBLE story-telling. (FYI Paul Jenkins wrote a pretty good Inhumans series in the late-1990s -- literally the only time I cared about them; well, then, and during Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four run.)

    As for DCNu52, I agree with you that Superman has had his continuity/character/direction butchered worst of all. Which is insane considering he's one of their two most important characters. And I've also never been a big Teen Titans guy -- I think they were biggest in the 1980s when Grayson was older Robin / new Nightwing. So they predate even this "old" comics fan. But I think the rush to try and bring back red undies Supes and wifey Lois, or the Titans of old, highlights the biggest mistake they made with the New 52 -- getting rid of "legacies." It was the best think about the DC Universe and they jettisoned it for a few years of fresh (but not really) stories about younger, hipper, edgier versions of their characters. And now the bump has subsided, and they're left with... well, this.

    1. The one point where I have to disagree is regarding the Nu52. I can honestly say the Nu52 is what got me back into comics. I had not collected in years and could never find a good jumping on point until then. The problem now is they are trying to service everyone's complaint by having their cake and eating it too. They need to pick one direction and be dedicated to it. If the old universe was better it would have sold better and they never would have rebooted. The only other choice is to run both universes having one be like marvels ultimate universe