Sunday, October 11, 2015

Stack Rundown, 10/11/2015

No Destiny update this week, because I haven't played it in forever! I'M FREE! Although, I still have to finish up chapter 2 in Metal Gear which seems to be going by quickly, since I only got a few new story missions left, one of which I'm avoiding because I don't want a character to leave just yet... But I seem to be missing a lot of cut scenes that were in that preview... Then I'm getting back into the Witcher later this week... and then I just bought two games on sale... and there's a new one coming out Tuesday... also I'm playing Persona 4 for the first time... how am I doing this?

There were also a shit ton of comics released this week! I read quite a few #1s. Let's see what I liked and what I didn't, okay?

Midnighter #5

I’m kinda confused as to why Midnighter handcuffed himself to Dick? I mean… my best guess is he did it for the laughs, and that very well may be true. Anyways, another good issue, but I’m kind of concerned. We find out the guy Midnighter has been after is a middleman and the real threat is still out there and unknown, which is fine… But given the way DC was quick to axe something like Omega Men, which was critically acclaimed, but not that far behind Midnighter in terms of sales, I’m kind of worried we won’t get the intended story before DC inevitably cuts some more books. Sure, Omega Men came back, but I wouldn’t expect that to be a regular occurrence. I just want this book to be good and tell the story it set out to.

The Omega Men #5

SPEAKING OF OMEGA MEN, you can see where this book could have ended in two issues given how everything goes FUBAR this issue for the team, but with an entire 5 issues left on the cutting room floor, man that would have sucked. So yeah, everything goes bad, people (will) find out Kyle Rayner is alive, all but one Omega captured… Although the Princess is still uncovered so that’s probably the out. Anyways, heavily religious based storytelling here. Turns out Broot is a Broot, which is a heretic, as he exposed his religious leaders as frauds, then comes back to them, only to have them sell the Omega Men out again. Heavy stuff, great series, great it is sticking around.

Doctor Strange #1

I don’t give a damn about Dr. Strange, but with the new Marvel books coming around, I’m just dipping my toes in here and there to see what I like and what I can say “well, I tried” at. Dr. Strange, or at least this incarnation of him is basically Marvel’s Constantine. He comes off younger here, hanging out in bars with other magicians, and helping people with magical afflictions. I thought it was an alright first issue, I like Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo’s work, so giving this a shot was a no brainer for me. Not sure if I’ll stick around, but I figure I’ll keep reading until I’m hooked or bored and go from there.

Jughead #1

Wasn’t sure what to expect from this series. I love the new Archie book but I was unclear how this was going to tie in or run side by side with the main book. Turns out, it just sort of operates as if everything the main book is trying to establish is already there, and just goes from there. It was fun and entertaining, a little bit more cartoonish, but Jughead definitely still comes off as super slick and cooler than everybody else, without being a dick about it. Figure I’ll stick around a bit and see where it goes, as this is just the sort of thing a cynic like me needs right now, simple and fun comics without bullshit.

Paper Girls #1

Brian K Vaughn and Cliff Chiang could put their names on a pile of dog shit and I’d probably pay attention at the very least. Paper Girls has a lot of mystery surrounding it, after all, the only description the series got was “Some paper girls in the late 80s on the morning after halloween.” The end. But that’s when the world goes crazy with some fucking giant alien cyborg testicle in a basement, the sky blows up with stars, some weird mutant ass motherfuckers, and an iPod shows up. The last page is literally the main character finding an Apple product. I don’t know what the hell is going on, not many do, but I sure as hell am intrigued.

Codename Baboushka #1

I gave this book a shot, without really knowing a whole lot about it, and it didn’t do much for me. Basic setup is you got this russian spy and she’s blackmailed into working for the US to do jobs they can’t be attached to… Basically think Suicide Squad. Anyways… yeah, that’s about the level of depth here. Nothing really sold me on it, just felt like pretty standard spy stuff. Just not the book for me.

Nailbiter #16

In a world where conventional thought doesn’t exist, this book should ship weekly in October. Perfect Halloween style book. Warren is just a great character and the scene with him and the kids sneaking in to his house was just so great on a subverting expectation sort of way. Kind of torn on the story moving away from the town, or at least part of it seems to be headed out. We haven’t really gotten a whole lot of answers out of Buckaroo, and here we are with at least two of the main characters leaving. I mean, maybe there are more answers outside of the town, but depending on how things pick up from here, I could see a possibility of there being a lingering feeling of unfinished business.

Axcend #1

Another new #1 I tried out this week, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t like this one much either. I like Shane Davis’ art and I like video games, so I gave it a shot. Turns out this book is attempting to do a lot more than the cover would suggest, as it deals with a twin whose brother had died, and he’s going through all sorts of depression and problems in school, which leads to him using video games as an escape. Problem is, I just felt a lot of this to be a bit too heavy handed up front and when we go into the video game world, it just got to be a bit too chaotic and nonsensical, which may be the point, but it just didn’t make for a good read. Again, just not a book for me.

Southern Bastards #11

Another new character is introduced, and he’s a snake wielding, arrow shooting, tongue speaking, rapist killing badass. I just love how Craw County continues to build, and how in these past few issues we’ve been getting spotlights on new and old characters, developing them more and more. Turns out Coach Boss has more enemies than he may realize, and this fool with a whole bunch of bodies chained to cinderblocks in the bottom of a river probably isn’t a person he’d want to piss off… OH TOO LATE, he already wants to kill Coach Boss, fuck yes. This book started off great and hasn’t skipped a beat in nearly a years worth of issues, it is truly one of the best books going on at Image right now.

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