Sunday, October 4, 2015

Stack Rundown, 10/04/2015

I got the hot update I know everyone's waiting for: I haven't played Destiny in like... four days or something. I mean, what am I even doing? I watched Giant Bomb do the raid and was sitting there like "I don't have five people I trust enough to spend 6 hours doing a single god damn mission? What's the point?" So I think I'm done for good... until a big update or something comes out and I want to level my character up just incase Destiny becomes worthwhile...


Justice League #44

I heard there was a shocking death at the end of this issue committed by someone who would be just as shocking… EHHHHH. Sure, I mean… Yeah, Darkseid died, Flash got possessed by the Black Racer or whatever he’s called. I wouldn’t say that’s super crazy or anything. Didn’t Johns do this in Flash Rebirth? Or was that Black Flash? What’s the difference? I don’t really care. It’ll be, I don’t know… “fun” to see how this story continues (and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight) without Darkseid… but as long as we get more MetronBatGodDickhead, I’ll be fine, because man, is he putting motherfuckers (Hal Jordan) in their place.

American Vampire: Second Cycle #10

One of those, “everything is fucked” issues, huh? I can go for one of those, especially with one more issue to go in the arc. I’m going to guess that some game changer shit happens coming up… and looking at the solicit, it sounds like they’re going to end this series and have a third series launching sometime next year… presumably after Huck finishes up, because of course. Man… the initial hiatus between this book and the original volume really did fuck everything up, didn’t it? You rarely ever see this series talked about anymore, and that’s a damn shame, because it’s still really good, but it’s just been on such an inconsistent schedule for what feels like well over a year now. Shame indeed.

Archie #3

Man, Im bummed Fiona Staples is leaving this book now, because… well, the “because” should be pretty self-explanatory. Sure, Saga! But I want Saga and Archie! I will reiterate my tweet earlier from the week: Someone clone Fiona Staples so my selfish wish of getting more fantastic art from her can come true. Anyways, this book remains to be the great pleasant surprise. Point to note: I love how fucking slick Jughead is. No look dodgeball catch? Yep. Slick as all hell. I’ve been thinking of looking into the new books Archie is launching from this reboot, but I’m not sure if I’ll really need to keep up on them. I’ll give Jughead #1 a look, but if this book keeps itself pretty self contained, I don’t think I’ll need much else.

Revival #33

The previous issue of this series was one of those issues that comes along and just throws all possible amounts of shit into the fan, and as usual, it’s followed by a slower pace issue that sort of sets things up for the foreseeable future. Em done got caught, and now she’s being observed in a Revival camp. More characters are introduced, they’ve got their own stories, angles and secrets, and everything remains relatively calm… But no one knows Em is pregnant with what’s probably the equivalent of the spawn of satan or something and I’m sure that’ll fuck everything up right quick.

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  1. Yeah, Darkseid isn't DEAD-dead. Whatever.

    Also, he "died" at the end of Final Crisis... but I know, Nu52.

    (I try not to be a total Morrison "mark," but how many times are things he's done this decade going to be re-done by other writers? Getting a bit tired.)

    Barry came back in Final Crisis as he was shone to literally have been running from the Black Racer for 20+ years or something. I think that later, in Flash Rebirth, it is hinted that Black Flash and Black Racer are one and the same. The Black Racer was actually a Jack Kirby New Gods character that was later pseudo-retconned by Morrison and Mark Millar in the 1990s into the "Black Flash." Thus the later merging of the two characters in Final Crisis/Flash: Rebirth. So I think they're supposed to be one and the same at this point, but obviously New 52 retcons could completely rewrite it all over again, so who actually knows? Between the brief post-Final Crisis Flash: Rebirth period and then the post-Flashpoint/New 52 retcon, it's really hard for me to keep track of (or care about) what the specific status of every piece of the fractured Flash mythology is.