Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SPOILERS: We Are Robin #5

Do owls eat robins? I feel like that's probably a thing, right? If not, it certainly doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility... So with that in mind.

The Spoilers:

Remember that random guy trying to bring all sorts of hobos and what not into the underground? Well, turns out he was working for the Owls, but they're done with him, so don't worry about it. The Owls are now looking for better recruits.

Then we meet up with Izzy, who is dealing with some street thugs at her restaurant who seem pretty mad she's not joining up with her people and jump her after work. They're fought off with the help of Duke and Riko and then we discover it was actually Izzy's brother who attacked her.

Robins meetup! Things are pretty tense, and when the mystery man (Alfred) starts talking to them, some seem okay with the idea, others are resistant, we learn Dre is a son of a mob goon. Alfred gives the team some gear, they leave, end up going their separate ways after Duke makes a crack to Dre on the train about his family.

Duke, Izzy and Riko are attacked by the street game, Duke is shot (the jacket he got from Alfred probably had kevlar in it? I mean, Duke gets shot a lot) shit goes bad... Enter that big fucking Talon and his scythe. Izzy's brother seems dead, and the Robins get a not so welcoming invitation from Mr. big ass Talon.

Epilogue with Alfred building up a base.


The Opinion:

Slowly but surely we're getting more and more backstory filled in with all these characters. I like that Lee Bermejo is clearly taking the time to put care into developing his cast, there have been many recent books which have just pulled a "here's the cast, feel connected to them okay? Moving on!" and that just sort of sucks, you know? It's good to feel like these characters are actual people with lives rather than spot fillers. 

I will say that Alfred's involvement still sort of nags at me. He's always been the one who seemed resistant to Bruce putting kids in the field, so this is a complete 180 and thus feels a bit off. Not a big deal, just always comes up for me personally.

Anyways! Solid issue, love the development, looking forward to the Owls showing back up, they've been pretty underutilized in my opinion.

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