Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SPOILERS: Robin Son of Batman #5

Turns out, when your mom has a genetic freak clone of yourself actually kill you, that causes a bit of tension within the family.

The Spoilers:

Hoooookay. So Damian and Nobody II, who god damn it, I can't remember her name right now... and I'm pretty sure the first name wasn't used in this issue and I don't want to go back to #4... shit, whatever, Nobody II, they head back to the al'Ghul island to pick up another relic to give back. Nobody II meets the botched clones of Damian and questions his ability to actually care about them as much as he does, but then things go bad. It's clear someone has broken into Damian's base, so they spread out and cover the island.

It shouldn't take much to figure out who they're looking for and which one of the kids finds them... Sup Talia. Damian isn't too pleased and goes on the offensive immediately, but Talia isn't trying to fight and tells him that he was used in the Year of Blood. All the things he stole were artifacts that contained power of an immortal family that rivals the al'Ghuls, and returning them only has strengthened their power. Damian doesn't buy it... But then the last piece Talia was trying to keep from Damian falls into place and all hell breaks loose. 

That wizard guy who had abducted Talia shows up and lays waste to the island, starting to pull it into the sea. He binds Damian and Talia together and attempts to kill them, but Damian's "brothers" come to his aid, sacrificing themselves in an attempt to aid him. Damian and Talia are then pulled into the sea where Nobody II and Goliath go for the rescue. Nobody pauses for a moment, remembering what happened to her father and sees the similarities in Damian's current situation, but ultimately pulls him and his mother up.

Damian barely comes to on the deck of the sub he had been based out of with Talia telling him to rest and that she's got a favor to call in from someone who can help them.

The Opinion:

Really good issue, that's for sure. When shit hits the fan, the entire art team went into total overdrive. Just a spectacular looking book to say the least. Was surprised how emotional that scene was with Damian and his brothers towards the end. I had sort of completely forgotten about all the Heretic clones and man, that certainly was a sad scene. If there was anything that didn't work for me, I'd say this rival family is a little too much all at once, especially given the scale of what happens this issue. Also, there doesn't seem to be one singular face that you can really grab onto in order to grasp the idea of the rival al'Ghuls, everything about them seems to be a little too esoteric. Other than that, man... just a another really good issue.

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  1. I kind of wish this was a double issue because, man, a lot of shit happened. It honestly felt a bit rushed, but it was still a great read.