Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SPOILERS: Grayson #13

"Luka Netz" my shiny Grayson's ass.

The Spoilers:

Dick is back in the fold at Spyral and his welcome back gift is a "pay the bills" op. with Tiger as they protect the Duff girl's father from Tiger Shark's pirates. When all is said and done, Dick brushes off Tiger to speak with Tim about what he's found on Luka. Turns out, she's been in Gotham quite a bit, and can be found in the background of every rare photo the public has taken of Batman. She's been watching Batman and she's been watching Robin... specifically Dick. Tim also tracks Luka back to an old Nazi lab so Dick comes up with a plan to try and infiltrate it to see what he can find.

Elsewhere, Helena is meeting with all the other spy leaders, believing that Checkmate had been the one to fuck Spyral over, and not so lightly lays down a threat to side with Spyral or stay out of their way... Yeah, she doesn't know she's being played.

So Dick's plan? Well, he calls in a favor to Midnighter, who draws the God Garden to the location Dick wants to scout, and since there's God Garden activity on the map, that gets Spyral to actually send him to where he wants to go. So he and Tiger keep tabs on Ladytron, who is God Garden's new agent, and eventually make their way into the lab that Dick wants to get into... But Kathy Luka isn't exactly unprepared for unwanted visitors and sets off a bunch of spider robot traps.

The Opinion:

Pretty good issue. Not much to say about it really. Just kind of uneventful coming off of last issue, but that said, it's to be expected. #12 was a crescendo of a handful of things, so they've obviously got to build things back up again. It was fun, that's all I got to say.

I do question who the photographer is taking photos of Batman in Arkham and the Court of Owls layer, but hey, at least it wasn't as weird as the Darkseid War this week having Endgame joker stuff in pre-Endgame territory.


  1. Did you decline to mention the strip search scene so you wouldn't have to put a trigger warning on this review? ;)

  2. I found the Court of Owls thing really weird, too. The Arkham picture made sense to me because if you're a member of the staff and you see Batman and Joker quelling a massive riot, you're gonna take a picture, but when have the Court of Owls ever come out in public like that?

  3. The Grayson art team draws a great Red Robin. It's the first time I've really like Tim's new costume, and I love the faux Batman poses, but he certainly doesn't look 16 in this book.