Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy #11

In case you weren't aware of the whole "fire runs in the family" thing with Olive and her mother, well... that's sort of just the beginning.

The Spoilers:

Because no one went "Hugo Strange isn't a totally messed up individual," he meets with Olive in a therapy session where they talk about her mother and ends up trying to deter her from going into the city for the big tennis tournament... but then we wouldn't have a comic, so that doesn't happen.

In the city, the group of kids has a plan to look at city hall as well as Pom's mother's law office for anything they can find on Olive's mother, and with help from a distraction pulled off by Kyle, the group splits up and heads into Gotham.

It doesn't take Olive and Maps to find info on the Silverlock family, so while Olive looks through it, Maps gives her some space and waits outside, where she runs into that burger guy Red Robin for some reason. Maps sort of fangirls out, and when Tim sees that she's got a legit batarang, I think he just figures she's one of the Robins roaming about town, to which the legit masks seem to have just gone "yeah, sure to." Maps says something about Calamity, which spurs Tim to be the backstory device and we get a story of Bruce and Dick first taking down Calamity, and discovering that Calamity was an identity that ran in the family, so Batman had Olive put somewhere she could be watched.

Sure enough, Olive discovers the same thing and finds that she's got ancestor upon ancestor who all had the same powers, terrorized Gotham and used the name Calamity. Just then, Calamity shows up to greet Olive, which gets the attention of Tim and Maps, who burst in. Tim tries to fight Calamity off, while Olive is torn on what to do. Eventually the sprinklers go off and Calamity vanishes, Tim stays to clean up because Olive and Maps get a call from the other group and it's not good.

Kyle is missing! He vanished three hours prior and all the group can find in his locker is an old key to Arkham Asylum.


The Opinion:

Really good issue, one of the better issues of the series if I'm being honest. The big reveal here is that Olive's mother wasn't the only Calamity and now that we know that there are wider possibilities, a lot more questions can be asked about what's going on. I still think it'd suck if Sybil just died inexplicably off screen, but we'll see. Anyways, like I said, great issue. This series did what it usually does best and used Gotham itself to great effect, and that's why I've loved it from the start.

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  1. Was nice to see Tim. Having the red robin logo on his lame shoulder pads was a nice touch since it seems every time he's in a bat book the writers go out of their way to bring up the Titans as if he can't just be in Gotham on patrol. This almost seemed like the old Tim that's been long lost.