Wednesday, October 14, 2015

SPOILERS: Catwoman #45

Time to wrap things up! Or at least start to. Whether or not it's a premature wrap up is up for debate, but let's enjoy it while it lasts, shall we?

The Spoilers:

Hasigawa funeral, much sadness, Black Mask there cus he's kind of a dick, Eiko burns her Catwoman suit. Selina sneaks into the Hasigawa compound and has some tense conversation which leads to her believing she needs to take out Black Mask before Eiko does and gets into even deeper trouble.

And that's exactly what happens after Antonia introduces herself to Penguin as the new leader of the Calabrese family and they come to terms with how their relationship will work. First order of business, set Black Mask up, which long story short, leads to Selina putting a knife in his back. Eiko gets the message from Killer Croc and tells him to relay that she's thankful, but the next time Selina does something like that, she'll be hunted.

Unfortunately, Black Mask isn't all to dead and crawls his way back to Penguin, asking what it'll take for him to go free. Penguin's answer: Everything. Black Mask is to give him everything he owns, not touch the Calabrese family, and become a ghost.

Elsewhere, Eiko is demonstrating her qualifications to lead the family by beating the shit out of a guy who questions her, something that doesn't sit too well with Stephanie who is still hanging about. Steph meets Eiko in her office where she finds out that Eiko is planning on just laying waste to all the smaller families in the city as a show of strength. Uh oh.


The Good:

It's fucked up that once this book starts to move past the stuff I was ready to be done with (Black Mask, Eiko pretending to be Catwoman, those random cops), Valentine gets the boot and we go back to just generic Catwoman. Lame. This was a great issue where things actually progressed, the unfortunate part about that is that it was the penultimate issue for the entire idea of this Catwoman run. Oh well, that sucks in more ways than one.

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  1. I feel like the run is getting a proper ending. Selina as mob boss seems to have run its course. Would've loved to see Valentine stick around and continue the book as a mobster/ crime series but what we've gotten has been, IMO, very satisfying.