Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SPOILERS: Black Canary #5

I'm just confused how it took five issues before we got a battle of the bands story out of this series.

The Spoilers:

So, after recent events, Dinah is still with the band, but now she's feeling a little more comfortable within the band, rather than just being a hired gun. Things are still weird around them, and Kurt, who is a bit paranoid, is still traveling with them. While they're camping out before heading to the next town, Dinah and the rest of the band begin to speculate if the record label was who orchestrated putting everyone (mostly Dinah and Ditto) into one place. That night while they sleep, the secret lady in a ninja suit, who is probably going to be referred to as White Canary and oooooh god I hope DC isn't as transparent as I think they're going to be (hi Sara), takes a vial of blood from Dinah and makes an escape after she's chased out.

The next day at the record store signing, the band meets with the hometown fans as well as Byron's family (Paloma's family is mysteriously absent, she probably doesn't have a great relationship). Then a bunch of pissed off bands show up with a grudge to pick and challenge Black Canary to a battle of the bands.

Simple, right? Well, there's a mystery band no one knows about, and well, it's Bo Meave's new band Bo M. Long story short, she debuts her new "voice" and nothing good happens.


The Opinion:

I think one of my criticisms of the story last month was how out there it was for someone to just go "here's a new singer for you band, okay go" or something like that... I don't remember half the shit I say, ANYWAYS, this pretty much addresses that problem I may or may not have had, by throwing in the record label conspiracy idea. Criticisms vanquished? Sure. This issue got me thinking how long the band angle is going to go, they keep stressing it's one tour and album, and it's pretty clear time is passing from issue to issue, so it just sort of feels like everything is going to come to a head sooner rather than later. Regardless, the band gig continues to be fun, there's a nice little bit of mystery now, and next month's issue is sure to be a big old crazy screaming fight.

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