Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #4

Steve Orlando's first issue of Midnighter had Midnighter killing a motherfucker with a ribeye steak... The food violence was not missing in his first issue of Eternal.

The Spoilers:

Damn it Bruce, get your shit together, get knocked on the head or something, because one Dick versus a bunch of axe wielding psychos isn't a fair fight. To be fair, Dick does hit someone in the face with a block of cheese and the We Are Robin kids were tailing some shit that lead them to the event... Also, you know, Batgirl, because why not.

So Bruce is safe. Dick asks if Babs can keep tabs on him. Dick also gives Duke a "Listen here son, you're stepping into some shit" I was the first Robin talk, and so on. Tim wasn't much help to Dick during the fight because comms got blocked and if Tim's getting blocked, then things are real serious.

Elsewhere in the cave, Cass is all "bye" and Harper is all "WAIT, no." But Cass is still all "bye" and Harper is all "okay fine." Steph is just kicking shit somewhere...

So when things have calmed down, Tim tells Dick that all the people on the list they had were matches at the event... but weren't targets. They were all the people who attacked Bruce. So with Dick, Jason, Tim, Cass and Harper's names on that very list, what does that mean.

Well, it means Tim has an awkward call to make to his parents... But for some reason Dick is all "f that" and just basically knocks on the Drake's door. That's what you get for having living parents, Tim... IN THIS CONTINUITY... a whole bunch of Dick at their door.


The Opinion:

I kind of hope Steve Orlando's thing at DC is just having the characters he writes hitting people with food. That'd be the kind of dumb gag I could really get into. Anyways. This is a weird case, because I'm so used to having Eternal issues feel different from writer to writer, but these four issues have remained pretty consistent throughout. That, and they're telling the same consistent story from week to week, which I love, but it also means not much I have to say has changed from last week. The book has been great and this first month has really put my mind to ease coming off the disappointing first series (in my opinion, at least). There was an art change this issue with Scot Eaton on pencils, whose work really can look different from inker to inker... and this was one of those rare instances where I actually specifically don't like the inker. I can't articulate in artistic terms why, I just know that he's used in a wide variety of DC books and something has always been a little off to my eye. I'm also not a huge fan of the colorist either, everything just sort of looks to have a plastic sheen in this issue. Honestly though, minor complaints. 


  1. Eh, when Tim says Mother, I think we're supposed to believe that it's Mother and not his mom.

    1. Haha, okay yeah, wow. Totally went over my head. Thought it was weird Dick would drop in while Tim called

    2. "Yes, Mother?"
      "Someone asked about you. His name is Dick."

  2. I thought the Drakes were in witness protection? And that "Drake" wasn't their real name? New 52 Tim confuses me.

    1. If they're ignoring Scott Lobdells terrible retcon, than that's OK by me.