Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #3

Three issues into an Eternal series and things are remaining laser focused while continuing to tell a single compelling story... THIS SHIT IS WEIRD, YOU GUYS... but I like it.

The Spoilers:

As you've probably seen in the preview, Dick and the others prevent Jason and Cassandra fighting too much, pointing out that Cassandra isn't there to kill them, more save/warn them or something. With Harper in bad shape, they all retreat the the Batcave where it's safe and talk things over after they all listen to the recording Bruce left.

Helena forces contact with Dick by sort of reminding him that he's covered in flesh eating nanobots, so when he calls in, she and Dr. Netz relay some really old info that came from the records of Agent Zero about "Mother." Turns out Mother is a human trafficker of sorts who is invoked in "designer human beings," and Jason comes to think that it's possible mother could have needed a child soldier or three for her operation (Dick, Jason, Tim).

Flashback to the Batman and Robin scene: Bruce, not knowing much of Scarecrow's toxin at the time asks Dick to describe the effect, which he reluctantly does in detail. Dick then asks Bruce what he saw and gets a clear lie of an answer with Bruce saying he saw nothing.

Back in the present, Helena has done some tracking of Poppy, the Mother agent who betrayed them and seems like she's headed towards an event being held for Bruce Wayne that night, so of course Dick heads out to intercept, while the rest stay in the cave, as Cassandra beckons Harper to follower her deeper for some reason.

At the event, Bruce is all "I'm Bruce Wayne, totally not Batman, I like to finger paint." and gets lead into the kitchen by the chef where there's at least a dozen Mother agents witch hatchets waiting for him. Oh no.


The Opinion: 

After the first two issues, this was more of a step back and everyone tries to figure out what the fuck is going on… but it's only three issues in so there are barely any answers to be had! What really stands out is how well all these characters play off of each other, and it just continues to prove how well Tim Seeley gets the characters he works with. Everything I've read from him ranging from Hack/Slash all the way to Grayson just features great characters having really entertaining reactions with one another. I really, really hope we get more work from him in the Batman world in the coming year, he just writes really fun stories.

Three issues in, and I'm really loving this series. I went from being super hesitant towards it due to how the first Eternal series ended up, to really looking forward to each week. Such a huge improvement in story and focus already, it's a really great book so far.


  1. What do you mean, "how the first Eternal series ended up"? You mean really awesome?

    1. No, I mean a bloated decompressed mess of a individual storylines which barely had anything to do with each other creating no sense of purpose which barely accomplished anything and by the end was wrapped up in a quick and dirty way that was damn near insulting considering the $150+ buy in to the series.

    2. I disagree. I thought the storylines tied together rather well, outside of some of the supernatural stuff. The only real problem with Eternal was that it spent a little too much time with some of them, but otherwise I felt it was well worth the investment and was one of the best things done with the Batman characters in years.

    3. I disagree here. The second half was more or less a string of goose chases that did nothing to further the plot, or progress the characters. It seems that the Eternal team had about half of the series plotted out, and then just tried to stall for time. All the while, trying to hype of the "BIG KILLER TWIST" as much as possible despite the fact that it was very clear who the mastermind was from early on. I know people says it's about "the journey, not the destination", but the journey consisted solely of telling you how awesome the destination is supposed to be.

    4. The journey = Batman: ::punch:: "WHAT'S GOING ON!?" next issue ::punch:: "WHAT'S HAPPENING!?" next issue ::punch:: "I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!"

  2. It was basically DC letting an inexperienced writer (James Tynion) helm the first weekly of the New 52 with loose help and direction from Scott Snyder who was busy with three other books. It became: hey we ran out of story so let's let every writer and their mother introduce a side plot which has nothing to do with the story or find a way to drag out the same main story with nothing actually happening until the end which we will then introduce a scott snyder favorite villain as a twist who had nothing to do with the story. I would have almost rather them just left it as cluemaster as the mastermind, that would at least make him kind of a badass.

  3. Batman eternal was garbage. Let's see the only main status change from the end of eternal after six months. Bruce still doesn't have Wayne tech

    selina is no longer going to rule gotham criminal empire,

    arhkam manor was dull and change back to Wayne major last month

    nano bots were dragged out way too long(should have been 3 issues back to back and was resolved cheaply.

    The Gordon prison thing was all over the place and abruptly dropped halfway(thus bargirls main driving force to being in the book was removed that just left her being there for the sake of it),as well

    the batgirl/red hood romance was mishandled and honestly f anyone thought about it, was never going to happen since Jason has a weird relationship with the " Having things from my older brother complex" so he would constantly comaparing himself to dick If they were in a relationship

    And the worst plot point was batman not reducing that it was all nonsense just made to ware him down ,instead he went around punching his rouges demanding WHO IS IT!

    3 issues in and the best decision made for this book is establishing most of the main characters under one singular plot without nonsense filler

  4. FHIZ, I always enjoy your reviews regardless, but FYI these ones are really valuable for me because I was so disappointed with Batman Eternal. I gave up on it halfway through (and given how it progressed and ended I feel okay about that), and I didn't want to get burned again. But your reviews here are giving me hope that the advance word that this volume would be more focused is in fact true, so I'm going to give it a go. Thanks!

  5. Another great issue. This, Batman, and Justice League are killing it at DC.

  6. I would love to have just a Batfamily sitcom book written by Tim Seeley.

  7. Top moments are a tie between the child soldier comment, Tim's suggestion for interrogating Cass with candy, or Dick pinning Jason to the countertop while the family watches him struggle.