Wednesday, October 14, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #2

Said it earlier this morning, but "Kiss me, sexy Batman" wins best thing you'll read in comics this week, hands down.

The Spoilers:

Lots going on at once. Harper ain't doing so hot against The Orphan. Cassandra bursts in to kick his ass. He talks and alludes to some shit, she doesn't. Dick's talking to Helena like "WTF," then sees the fight and does some hopping and shit. Steph sees that and falls in love with sexy Batman right on the spot, so on and so on. Cass and Orphan end up taking their fight elsewhere, but not before Cass subtitling telling Dick to help Harper, who he's surprised to find out is a mask... Then Steph jumps in with her costume and Dick once again is just sort of "WTF?" But for some reason, after Dick gathers his senses, he and Steph notice a smell in the apartment... Fear gas. (Orphan has some gas mask that Cass broke, just saying).

FLASHBACK TO SCARECROW CASE. Dick gets his first taste of fear gas and is coping with not feeling he's good enough to honor the legend of Batman. Okay? Okay.

Tim shows up, having bugged Harper's apartment (SURPRISE!) and learns about the list that had his name along with Dick, Harper and Cassandra's on it... Wasn't there another? Oh yeah, Jason! So they call Jason telling him there may be an assassin after him, but somehow he's already got Cassandra at gunpoint and asks what this would be assassin might look like.


The Opinion:

This book continues to waste little time, the first issue really hit the ground running, and issue #2 keeps up the pace. I love this direction of having this one story above all else, instead of hitting on random tangents here and there, letting some remain dormant for far too long, allowing them to barely be tied together in the end... yeah, I'm still kind of bitter about the first Eternal. But like I said, these two issues have been great so far and I'm hoping it keeps up this pace. 

In interviews, various writers have said that story is above all else and instead of everyone telling their own side stories, they're all contributing to the one. This worried me because I feared everyone would still sort of blend into one another, but if "Kiss me, sexy Batman" is and the cereal box bit are anything to go by, you can tell Tim Seeley scripted this issue, which is great, because his issues were by far my favorite last year. 

Art this week was handled by Paul Pelletier, who I believe is illustrating next week's as well. I like his work, I think some of his faces looked a little too... I don't know, cut from stone with really hard edges? That's a way to explain the thing I'm trying to say, right? Sure. But other than that, I thought it was a good follow up to Tony Daniel's stellar first issue.


  1. Remember the "Cassandra" strain of fear toxin from last year's Batman books? Bet we find out what that was about soon. You were probably already saying that, though.

    1. I'm not convinced that's more than a coincidence. The name Cassandra was used in reference to the Greek clairvoyant, which is why at the beginning of Endgame we see those like deaths of Batman or whatever the hell that was. Honestly just think it was an attempt to have the end of Eternal and beginning of Endgame bleed into each other. But that said, who knows, it could just as likely actually be a connection.

  2. Pelletier's art is definitely like, macho. Like Dick Grayson shouldn't look like that manly of a man. God I miss him on Aquaman, though.