Wednesday, October 14, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman #45

Batman teams up with Batman! Not that way! More like take the cover literally!

The Spoilers:

Jimbo is in the shit... the 1000 degree Fahrenheit shit, but he Batmans his way out of it, because that's what Batman does. But then, since he's beat to shit already, he kind of gets beat up by the Devil Pigs some more until Daryl and Julia (whose better already?) send in the BatBot with some basic AI awareness and voice command ability. And after that, the Devil Pigs don't really put up much of a fight.

Elsewhere, all the Joker's memorabilia from his parade is being stored in a makeshift dump near the community center Bruce and Julie have been working at. Bruce doesn't like it, Julie likes that he tries to make people feel safer, Bruce doesn't like that from what he can tell old Bruce seemed to do nothing of that, cared for very little and barely existed. Dramatic irony!!!

Bloom is sneaking around some facilities, killing dudes. Geri Powers thinks Jim failed her as Batman disobeying orders and essentially fires him, but wants him to help pick the next. Also some stuff with their company making new elements. I bet Bloom wants them.

Duke and Daryl know each other. Grew up together? Anyways, Duke sneaks in, gives Daryl a Robin patch, asks for help. Also, we learn that Daryl was the kid in #44 who told Bruce Bats about Bloom. 

Bruce builds a playground out of all the old (Batcave) stuff in the dump, in order to make the place feel safe instead of the kids just expecting the next awful even in Gotham... Question putting the giant Joker card up above the swings though...

Geri has all her investors at an event where Jim is going to give a speech and step down... But both Jim and Julia notice the Bat blimp headed for a collision into the tower. Jim covers Geri, Bloom comes out and starts a'killin'. 


The Opinion:

Look man, it's late-ish... I got stuff to do, so I'm just going to say that everything that's previously been working for this arc continues to work. Jim is entertaining as hell, the stuff with Bruce is a cool twist, I still like Julie Madison's part in this story, and so on. Art is stellar, what else is new? The one thing I'm missing is a bit more of Bloom. Right now he just sort of seems to be a boogeyman, which is fine, but I just want to know a little more "why." Other than that, another great issue in the books.


  1. I wonder what the element stuff is really about

  2. Agreed Bloom is a cipher so far. Having "Batman" parts of Bruce's personality come out in various ways is a neat bit of characterization. Really makes the point that the murder of the Waynes isn't really what motivates Bruce. The specific path he chose to take was incited by the murder, but the overarching desire to help people would've been there even if his parents had lived.

  3. I'm beginning to think that Bloom may be - even just connected to - the Dealer guy we meet in Black Mirror ( ). Both sold superhuman powers, and both are Snyder-created villains.

    Heck, might even be James Jr. think he said he had conections to the Dealer in BM. That'd make it a nice "no gordon, I'm your son" moment.

    1. I'd completely forgotten about The Dealer, but that makes perfect sense.