Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SPOILERS: Batgirl #45

Batgirl goes to a wedding! And then that same sort of story that's told with her and Dick Grayson over and over again gets told again! Eeeeeeh! ::shrug::

The Spoilers:

Honestly, not a whole lot happens in this issue. Babs takes Luke to Alicia's wedding, Dick shows up, Babs is having none of it, he steals the ring to get her to chase him to the place where they dealt with Killer Moth. They have some "will they/won't they" moments that the shippers will crap their pants over, and then Babs is all "nuh-uh, you done goofed" citing all the "I thought you were dead shit" blah blah. Dick is all "Yeah, you're right." Babs goes back to to the wedding, hangs out with Luke, Dick is all sad. That's that.

Then Babs goes home, goes to bed, and some creepy shadow figure stands over her saying shit like "Four Zero. Good" or something like that. 


The Opinion:

So, where to begin... Basically, I just don't care about 19 pages of this issue. Nothing is bad about it, I just don't care about any of it, and I've talked about a lot of it in length. 

The Luke romance stuff. I've said it before, it comes off as forced and super rushed given that neither of these characters really had any screen time together before and now it's basically just "YOUZ A BAT AND YOUZ A BAT"

So yeah, I don't care about any of that.

Then there's the Dick Grayson element. I've read the "WE COULD BE TOGETHER BUT NOOOOOOO" story between Dick and Babs like a billion times, and man am I super over it. I don't ship anyone, I don't care. I'm just over Dick/Babs forever, because nothing is ever going to happen. The end. So that's another "whatever" for me.

Then there's the whole wedding setting. Don't take this the wrong way, but I kinda just don't give a shit about Alysia either. Way back, there was the "I'm transgendered' issue. Great! Barely any trans characters in comics and for some people, Alysia just saying it was enough to win them over and be super fans. Me? Call me cynical, jaded, or whatever, but I don't think Alysia has never done anything interesting to me as a reader, and thus I've never cared about her. She's just never seemed to actually contribute anything to the book other than just being there. I'm coming up with a blank on the Alysia front... She "dated" James Gordon Jr that one time... I guess... uuummm... Did she have some part in the Batgirl Annual with Poison Ivy? So with all that in mind, her wedding? Yep, super don't care about that one either.

I'm sure there is an audience who will love this issue (I wrote this last night, and have since confirmed this to be true based on some of the reaction), and I'm clearly not in it. There's that last page that was interesting, but it was the last page and there was nothing else to really go on.

So yeah, my TLDR reaction is basically just: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  1. I think Alysia's wedding would have felt like a much bigger deal if it happened in Simone's run, where she had a bigger presence. In this run, she came across as an afterthought, like an Olive Branch to Simone fans.

    Other than that, it felt like that writers were trying too hard to shoehorn everyone into the standard love triangle roles. Dick was Archer, Babs was Lana, Luke was Cyril.