Friday, October 9, 2015

Greg Capullo Taking a Hiatus From Batman Next Year

My running joke is that DC never actually has any good announcements at either SDCC or NYCC... and well, it's not actually a joke 95% of the time! BUT HEY! Look at that... announcement! It's not a good one, but it's an announcement still?

So yeah, headline says it all... most of it, at least. Scott Snyder announced at his spotlight panel that Greg Capullo will be taking a "short" break after Batman #51, which is when he'll be doing a "short" project with Mark Millar, whose recent MO just seems to work with all the artists Scott Snyder works with. Millar's projects are usually four issues, so looking at a calendar, presuming Capullo comes back, which there doesn't seem to be any reason at the moment to think he wouldn't given the way Snyder put it, it'll probably be around this time next year if you factor in a couple month breaks between projects. Also, it should be noted that Snyder will continue on as writer during this time.

Snyder did also mention he'd be working with busiest artist in comics, Sean Murphy, again, but I'm not quite sure if he'd be Capello's replacement on the monthly, or if that means they'd be doing a 27 follow-up, which everyone seems to want them to do... Given the ties to the current status quo of Bruce, maybe that gets adapted into the regular series? I don't fucking know, but what I do know is Sean Murphy is busy as shit currently with Tokyo Ghost and Chrononauts Vol. 2 (Hi Mark Millar) in the future... So Batman on-going seems out of the question if I'd have to guess... Also, he really should just keep drawing Tokyo Ghost because that book is fucking awesome.

So yeah, that's that. Sort of sucks. But with the way Capullo had been talking lately, it should't come as a surprise. Actually, I'm surprised at the Mark Millar bit, and not a Creech revival which Capullo has made clear he'd like to do.

IN OTHER NEWS, we at Gotham Spoilers are pleased to have the HOT exclusive announcement that whatever Mark Millar and Greg Capullo will be working on has been optioned by a movie studio! You heard it here first!


(Source: CBR)


  1. I have no reason to disbelieve what Snyder claims is true; that Capullo intends to come back. I just wonder if he actually does. Specifically, I remember there being rumblings about the fact that Capullo may have been leaving permanently post-50. Now, that could have been a rumor of this outcome just inaccurately reported. But it might also be that Capullo is getting burned out on Batman. Which, given some of his statements about doing other work (you mentioned Creech) makes me wonder if he really does come back -- and if he does, if it's just a glorified 6-issue swan song or something. On the other hand, I imagine DC throws the kitchen sink at him to entice him to stay. Snyder and Capullo basically print money together, and they genuinely seem to like working together, so there's that.

    All of that baseless speculation aside, this is sucky news. Doubly so if it marks the beginning of the end, as it were.

    My only other thought is, as not a huge Mark Millar fan personally, I'd prefer to see Capullo work with other creators. Hopefully he'll do that down the road.

    Oh, and yeah, Murphy absolutely needs to stay on Tokyo Ghost. That book does indeed kick ass.

  2. This is actually good news, because before this Snyder was talking like he wasn't even sure if he or Capullo would be on the book past 50, now we know they're gonna be with it long enough for Capullo to take a break after 51 and come back to it. I'm pretty intrigued by Snyder's plans for Two-Face, in particular, because that's a villain that could really use a compelling new take that swings for the fences.