Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stack Rundown, 09/27/2015

Fucking Destiny. I thought "I'll give the Taken King a shot" after falling off of Destiny prior to the first DLC coming out. Didn't expect much, usually just play solo, don't do raids... but fucking hell do I keep playing the crap out of it. I DON'T KNOW WHY! The dopamine fix of getting a new piece of armor that's better than your old shit is just enough to go "play more you addict!"

Shit man... I still need to finish Metal Gear Solid, but stupid Destiny keeps getting in the way... Oh yeah, Nameless was literally the only other book I read this week. Short post is short!

Nameless #5

It’s been awhile since the last issue of this series was released, and given the totally out there nature of the book, I was prepared to be totally fucking lost… Surprisingly, I wasn’t and feel like I got a pretty good grip on what this issue was trying to accomplish… SO HERE IT GOES: A fucking billion years ago or something, there was this war between these cosmic factions or some shit, one of which was from the anti-universe or something, and it ended with some big boom or some shit. Right? Okay, SO, one of the bad evil alien things got imprisoned on this crazy ass asteroid that’s like the Mayan underworld, or inspiration of it, or you know, stuff… fast forward and BASICALLY, what we believe to be God is a sadistic alien prisoner left over from some cosmic war and it just fucks everything up. This some Grant Morrison ass shit right here. Now whats happening with Nameless and the anal probing and wherever he ended up at the end of the issue is a bit confusing, but hey man, I think I got as much as my feeble brain will allow, so I’m cool with that.

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  1. Wait a minute... Is that the brand of sacrifice from Berserk on the second photo?