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Stack Rundown, 09/20/2015

Putting up this post right after football starts? SMART! None of you watch football, right? Anyways, you know what a real fucking good comic book is? Tokyo Ghost.


That book was fantastic, you should probably read it, I wrote a good deal about it, more than usual for these posts, so you know I really liked it.

Secret Six #6

I think it was a bit of a slow start to this series, but I’m really starting to come around and like it in a lot of the ways I liked Gail Simone’s previous Secret Six work. Initially, this sort of just felt like a vehicle for Gail to use her pet characters, and given my recent issues with her work (in that it all just seemed to be pandering to her hardcore fans who’d make a bunch of tumblr collages), that’s what sort of made me skeptical. But this issue really clicked for me and all these losers actually feel like a team/family at this point, not just a whole bunch of characters Gail Simone either created or generally uses. I’m interested to know what the thought of turning Sue Dibny bad is. I guess she has amnesia? I don’t know. I thought that was a bit of a weird aspect, couldn’t really get a clear grasp on what her deal was these past two issues. Regardless, now that it’s all sort of clicking for me, I’m real curious to see where this book goes from here.

Invincible #123

So here we are, at the reboot storyline. I swear to god, if this turns out to be another “Mark was in some other dimension, he comes back and oh no, everything’s fucked” story, then fuck… I’ll still read it, because I’m hooked in to 123 f’ing issues, but I for real, this book has done that way too many times. I know what this book’s deal is, play with tropes of the super hero genre with a wink and a nod, subvert expectations, but doing that all with a “reboot" doesn’t make any potential retcons as a result any less annoying. This is just an exhausting book to read sometimes, but I’m hooked, so I guess I just have to deal.

Tokyo Ghost #1

Now this is a fucking comic book. A couple months back, I was pretty low on Image titles. For awhile, everything that was being announced was a sci-fi title in space or something and I was becoming more and more uninterested with every Image Expo. Tokyo Ghost and Paper Girls were the only titles on my radar I was genuinely excited to read, and I’m happy to say Tokyo Ghost lived up to all the hype. Rick Remender and Sean Murphy is a creative team that should have happened years ago, the two compliment each other so well and it really shows. This first issue is action packed, with an interesting set up, fantastic art, and the best part? The romantic angle. Yep. That’s the best part.

Not enough books do romantic angles real well, especially not super hero books, because everything has to be PG13 and watered down 99% of the time. Here you got Debbie and Led. Led is pretty fucking lost in his addiction to the digital world, and Debbie is tech free… basically straight edge, and in love with what essentially is an addict. Like I said, Led is pretty much a lost cause, yet Debbie is still hopelessly in love with him, and it becomes apparent that through all the digital distraction, the same goes for Led, but he falls back into his addiction easily. Then there’s the whole aspect of Led being afraid of intimacy, and this is just the kind of shit that makes characters have genuine depth. Like I said, not enough books do this well, and within a single issue, it has become the biggest draw for me personally.

Man this was a fucking good issue. Best debut of the year in my opinion. It kills me that we’re going to get the arc and then Sean Murphy is going to probably go off and do Chrononauts Vol. 2 or that Batman 27 story with Scott Snyder that everyone’s expecting at this point, and it’ll be forever before we get another arc. It’s been said this is planned as an ongoing, and maaaaaaan I really hope that is true.

The Fade Out #9

So I guess this series ends in three issues? Sounds good to me, doesn’t seem like a story you can stretch out too long… That said, I’m still having trouble sort of remembering what various characters have learned in the previous issues. It’s just one of those books that I like, but I’m not super into it. Good thing this issue ends with “Hollywood guy raping children” so I can go “OKAY THAT’S PRETTY BAD.” Got a solid line to hold on to these last three issues, unfortunately, it’s pretty fucked up.

Sex Criminals #12

So I believe when the last issue came out, I said something along the lines of the book’s novelty had sort of worn off for me. Still a good book, but that luster had sort of worn down… Now enter the Sailor Splooge tentacle monster, and I’m back on fucking board. SO, we’ve got an anime character, made of jizz, speaking its own weird language, with a skirt full of tentacles. Okay. That shit is crazy. I don’t even care if nothing really came from Jon and Suzy finding this guy, that sentence I just typed out was so god damn ridiculous, I couldn’t help but laugh at every fucking panel with that thing on it. What a stupid book, in the best way possible.

The Beauty #2

Who would have thought there’s a big ass government conspiracy connected to an STD that half the country has and wants? Seems like this detective duo is in over their heads! COMICS! Still a super interesting book, with pretty unique premise. Curious to see what this conspiracy is since the subject is sort of out there. I felt like the coloring to distinguish the infected vs the non-infected seemed to be a bit toned down this issue, but in doing some research, it seems like the first issue is actually pretty old, and was part of that Top Cow talent hunt thing a couple years back. So if that’s the case, I can understand if there are some differences between the old and new content. Hope that distinguishing factor gets bumped up a bit more, because I really loved it in the first issue.

Rat Queens #12

I guess shit is getting pretty real with Hannah, huh? Major take away form this issue, for sure… also, having it come out a month after the previous issue was pretty great as well! I may be missing that visual flair the previous artists brought to the series, but hey man, as someone always stressing consistency in comics, two issues on time makes Tess Fowler a god send at this point. The one problem I had with this issue is that it just sort of revealed some stuff randomly. Like, okay, we learned like 75% of the deal that’s going on with Hannah and demon powers, we’ve known something had been going on for awhile now. But then randomly earlier in the issue it’s just like “Oh yeah, Betty has a past, she and a group were accused of something they didn’t do, bounty on her head.” I don’t know, it just didn’t seem like the time and the place to bring that up. Maybe I missed some previous seeds, but it just felt sort of like a random reveal. Whatever, Rat Queens is back, it’s consistent, and it’s still great. I’m not going to complain too much.

Invader Zim #3

So, true story, I was a bit concerned when I learned that Jhonen Vasquez would only be writing the first two issues of this series, but then there was a whole issue about some giant space donkey that destroys earth by the end of the issue and I went “you know, that’s pretty alright!” This book is just glorious… Between Gir being easily distracted, Zim’s entrance into the art world and the nonchalant way they shrug off the world literally being destroyed, it’s just perfect. Also, it’s not just doing it in a nostalgic sense for me, I still find all this dumb stuff generally hilarious, so I’m glad I’m not just lying to myself and trying to convince myself that it’s still as good as the show.

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