Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stack Rundown, 09/13/2015

Well DC You, it was a nice run, but I'm sorta just getting back to "just give me the bat titles and a couple other real good books" mentality. I tried some things, they were fun for those couple of months, but now the shine is gone and... eeeeh.

Justice League United #13

So conceptually I really think this new take on the JLU is pretty cool, take a bunch of characters that have no business teaming up with each other and well… team them up! Pretty good idea, no? But I think the cracks are starting to show. First of all, all these breakers, the parts of space and time that just aren’t supposed to be there? Is that it? Is there something bigger to all this? Or is it just literally going to be jumping from breaker to breaker with a different team, with no rhyme or reason as to why? Then, I’m having a trouble with character voice. It’s either characters are saying things that you wouldn’t really expect them to say or that their voice is just generic sounding. Take away the art and any naming, and I couldn’t tell you who is who by reading Stargirl or Batgirl’s dialogue. Finally, third, and this is just a totally “me” criticism that doesn’t really speak to any sort of quality, but MAN, do I not give a shit about DC’s war characters. It’s not like having Sgt. Rock here is as weird in a “why are they still trying this?” sense like those string of New 52 books that nobody bought, but still, personally, I’m just sitting here like “dooooooooon’t care.”  I don’t know. I’m at a weird place with a good chunk of the DC You relaunch books where that new shine has worn off and I’m back to realizing that I don’t have enough time for books that I simply think are alright.

Earth 2: Society #4

This is another one of “the shine is wearing off now I’m bored” sort of DC books. I’m just slowly getting back to just not caring again. Nothing here has really hooked me in to get past the basic fact that I am not invested in this alternate universe. It doesn’t help that each issue has been 75% flashbacks while the main story inches along. I kind of think I’m at a turning point with a lot of these books, and this one might be on the chopping block.

Starfire #4

Guess what my thoughts on this book are? THAT’S RIGHT! I’ve kind of stopped caring about this one too! Hooray for indifference! Again, not a quality thing… it’s just basically the Harley Quinn book with a character who I don’t like nearly as much as Harley. But, to this book’s credit, it is what it is, and doesn’t try to make itself out to be any bigger than just sort of a simple slice of life with a super hero twist book… and that might be the reason why I might stick with it? Where JLU and Earth 2 society both have these dramatic stories that I just don’t really care about, this book, like Harley, is just sort of simple in scope and values entertainment above all else. So while I may not enjoy it as much, I might just stick around with it because hey, there are worse things than Starfire and Atlee paling around.

The Wicked + The Divine #14

So, this was kind of a strange issue that used a lot of previously published art and remixed it… because the god in question is a DJ? I guess? Something like that or something. Anyways… Woden is kind of a piece of shit, no? I guess that’s pretty much the main point of this issue, he’s a giant piece of shit in on all the fucked up shit that is happening, HE  KNOWS he’s a piece of shit, but whatever, shit is gonna shit. With Jamie McKelvie busy with Phonogram, the idea of mixing up the old art with some new framing art (mostly just simple talking heads) was pretty interesting, personally I’ve never read an issue like that before, and it fit pretty well conceptually.

Deadly Class #16

I didn’t even realize that this was the end of an arc, then I get to the last page saying the book comes back in November/December (I forget) and I’m just like “NOOOOOO, October!” It’s funny… Reading through this book, for awhile it was kind of the least Rick Remendery, as in people had friends, no one was dying, so on and so on… Then shit got fucked up int his arc, REAL QUICK. Everyone fucking hates Marcus, his two former friends are trying to kill him, his roommate is a sneaky rat and the girl he’s in love with is saying Marcus knocked her up, there’s the failed assassination of Viktor, there’s the accidental murder of one of the teachers, and now the whole school is going to kill itself with its final exam. YEAH. This book got super fucked up real quick, and everything I listed was just in this issue alone. Man, November needs to come quick.

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