Sunday, September 6, 2015

Stack Rundown, 09/06/2015

Between finishing the Witcher again and starting Metal Gear, there was a point this week where I thought "Man, I'm falling into that trap again," the trap being, forgetting to read the comics I bought... Well, turns out that I forgot I barely bought anything this week. These first weeks of the month have been rough. There's just nothing going. Well, I shouldn't say nothing in terms of quality, only quantity.

Midnighter #4

Midnighter continues to be a joy to read, and this issue brings the Grayson team-up all the shippers have been waiting for since it was solicited. So what does Midnighter and Grayson do this issue? Fight vampires... or something! The God Garden stuff is still really loosely defined, which is the one little aspect of this book that I don't dig that much. Each issue has been more or less stand alone, with the God Garden connection tying them together... but the problem is that the God Garden isn't that strong of a material to keep things together. Ideally, I'd like to see this story shift more to whatever the secret is with Midnighter's past is, since whoever broke into the Garden has the file, less monster of the month God Garden enhanced people. With the ending of this issue showing some dude in a suit who has got to be a bad guy, we're probably getting to that point, but we'll have to see. Regardless, Midnighter is still a really fun book, one of DC's best, and the Grayson team up was great. Hope there's more to come.

The Omega Men #4

And then Omega Men rounds out the week of "these are two books from DC more people should be reading, because hey, they're pretty fucking good, alright?" I've said it before, but I just fucking love how manipulative this book is. The Omega Men's plot for Kyle Rayner is just so devious and two-faced, you kind of feel bad for Kyle, but then the Omega plot is just so down right cruel, it's kind of awesome? This issue had a fill-in artist, and also focused a lot on Kyle's origin and story, along with the leader of the Omega Men's... kind of felt like filler, but that was more on Kyle's part, because I mean... Maybe other readers need it, but I definitely didn't feel like I needed a whole bunch of Kyle Rayner origin story. Whatever, still good... Read this book!

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  1. Both of these books are amazing. While not a huge fan of the fill in art this issue of omega men it works fine due to the exposition nature of the issue. I do wish that midnighters art was closer to the DC house style as it becomes difficult to differentiate between characters unless midnighter is in costume