Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SPOILERS: We Are Robin #4

Following the death of one of its members, the Robin movement takes center stage in Gotham's news cycle.

The Spoilers:

So Troy, yeah, he dead. For some reason I thought I saw him on a future cover and was questioning it, but nope… he dead. The Robin gang seems to be laying low afterwards, be it in mourning or just trying to hide from the public, who've turn their attention towards the movement, saying it's everything from brave to stupid. So here we catch up with Riko.

Turns out that Riko is a bit of an outcast at school. She seems to have a vivid imagination and will often talk to a friend who isn't there… who just happens to be Batgirl. While social media is talking about the crazy girl talking to herself in school, others are trying to hatch a plan to draw the Robins out for some reason.

After a talk with her mom about the boy who died (Riko's mom doesn't know anything), Riko heads out and sees a fire on top of a building in Burnside. She comes to find that a bunch of kids lit it in order to draw out the Robins. They're "cape chasers," some social media thing where they take pictures of the capes. Riko doesn't find it funny and tells them to put out the fire, things escalate and a fight breaks out. Riko holds her own but it's not until Batgirl shows up that the kids stand down. Contrary to the cover of the Batgirl direction change, Babs aint in the mood for selfies, and gets them to put out the fire.

Later Babs has a chat with Riko (who makes sure Batgirl is real) about being a hero, bravery, and all that. She commends Riko and her friends but also gives a warning for them to be careful with all the stuff that comes from it. Nice moment all around.


The Opinion:

First off, James Harvey on art… Never heard of him prior to this issue, but man did he do a great job. He mixed a sort of retro comic tone with the colors and textures used, but went absolutely crazy with some of the layouts and panel structures, visually, this was just a really great issue.

As for the story, I really enjoyed it. Aside from Duke, this series really hit the ground running with these characters, and last issue my biggest criticism is that even though a character died, it didn't really know who he was, so I didn't care as much as I guess the issue would have hoped I did. This issue seems to specifically address that problem and really has us get to know Riko, which is great, because now readers have some sort of connection to her outside of just liking her for surface reasons, and if she's in peril or some other risky situation, there's skin in the game, there's a reason to care. I know it would probably take too much time and not progress the story that much, but we need more issues like these, rather than brief paragraphs in the back of the books explaining who each character is.

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