Wednesday, September 16, 2015

SPOILERS: Robin: Son of Batman #4

Damian knows how to deal with Deathstroke pretty well, while it took Dick how many years plus a reboot to get Slade off his back?

The Spoilers:

The long to short version of this story is that while on another mission to "redeem" his year of blood, Damian's party is interrupted by Deathstroke who quickly discovers Nobody is no longer amongst the living, and decides to take out his frustration by killing his daughter. And you got to have some conflict somewhere, so that'll do, which leads to Damian and Slade going one on one.

In the end, after a pretty good fight, Damian knows how to speak Deathstroke's language and offers him the $5 million he was going to use to anonymously donate to the research being done at the site they're at (which stopped after Damian sort of fucked them over by taking some stuff in the YoB), and instead gives it to slave as a "okay now F-off" sort of payment. 

With Slade gone, Damian goes back into the site to investigate a hunch, and you know that preview of the issue, well it turns out that they're in the same location and Damian has stumbled across one of Ra's old Lazarus pits, with the next issue promising a face to face with his mother.


The Opinion:

I know I sort of just blasted through this write up, but it was one of those issues where there's a lot of little detail (mostly about the location) that's just a pain in the ass to write up. Here's the short end of my opinion: it's a good issue, you should probably read it. The fight between Damian and Slade was ace, and we got a number of great humanizing moments for Damian and Nobody II. I feel like I've said it countless times before, but I was a tad bit skeptical coming in, but month after month, Pat Gleason continues to prove that this is the Damian book he's deserved for years now.


  1. Damian was such a boss this issue. That fight with Slade had me legitimately cheering at the sheer awesomeness.

  2. So, who won?...and if neither, who looked better in their fight? Damian or Deathstroke?

    1. Deathstroke looked better h2h but Damian got back at him thanks to the area's traps he's already familiar with. . ultimately he had to pay Deathstroke to back off