Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn/Power Girl #4

Does anyone really care about posts for this series? I mean… It's not exactly a super detailed plot you'd need to look up spoilers for in any circumstance. I see the traffic numbers… Just trying to figure out if I should spare myself the work.

The Spoilers:

So yeah, Vartox is still mind controlled and fighting Power Girl, until Harley comes in on a "Catricorn" and for some reason its purring gets through to Vartox and Harley is able to talk to him about love and what not, breaking the mind control.

So that's that, the three talk, innuendos all over the place, apparently Power Girl gave birth to the whole planet or something (probably not) and then the big bad alien comes. They beat him but he's got some big harvester ship in the sky.


The Opinion:

Like I said, not a whole lot of people read these posts… and in general, I'm just kind of over this story. It has it's funny dick jokes here and there, but over all, it's just not that entertaining to read, especially when the issues all blend together in one similar style. Compared to the main series, which is just sort of chaotic and all over the place in a good way since it doesn't drag anything out too long, the schtick has just gotten old here and after four issues I'm just left not really caring anymore. Then you mix in the fact that it's clear Stephane Roux has been caught by the deadline monster and half this issue was done by another artist who does an alright impression, and what little appeal this series had left in convincing me to keep spending the money on it, is fading quickly.

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  1. I think you should cover Red Hood/Arsenal. Pretty good so far. Way better than Red Hood and the Outlaws.