Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1

Remember when this book would try to be coy and hide innuendos and certain suggestions? Hah, not anymore, that's for damn sure.

The Spoilers:

So, this is a big long issue, which means I'm just going to check off the major events here. Whole premise is that Harley's uncle died, and he wanted her to take his ashes back to New York, and left her a big old trailer to drive cross country in, so she she recruits Poison Ivy and Catwoman for one long trip of debauchery.

The trio meet out in LA, where Selina has her eyes set on a necklace belonging to some half naked dog looking hobo who might be an actual character, but I'm too lazy to actually check wikipedia. ANYWAYS, they get the ashes, hit the road, party in vegas, play truth or dare, some get naked, some enjoy that more than others, again, they're not even being shy at this point. Dog guy crashes car into van, they beat the dog crap out of dog guy.

Hitch hiking time. Get picked up by some guy, end up drinking some fire water, trip some balls. At this point, the issues is going on really long and I'm starting to loose focus. They wake up, Selina having come to way before Harley and Ivy (probably because her trip sequence got cut due to page count... she straight up says so), and they're back on the road... There's some guy with a motorcycle, not going to lie, glazed over it.

Make it back to east coast, bury Harley's uncle. She sad. Ivy grows a tree from his grave. All is well, the end... Now Harley goes back to the west coast for her title's next arc... Didn't plan that well.


The Opinion:

So, yeah, long issue. Don't get me wrong, it's fun and has its moments, but man was it long. Straight up zoned out for the last couple of pages. But like I said, it as enjoyable and had some pretty good art to go along with it. The main artist was Brent Blevins, who has a bit of a cartoonist pin-up style, good amount of cheese cake, but nothing to outrageous. We got another drug trip scene from Moritat, who I still want to see draw a bunch of books I'd love to see him draw in my mind... there's that Ivy book coming out soon, just saying. After the drug trip, the art takes a bit of a hit and just kind of looks plain-ish, perhaps it had something to do with me losing interest. But yeah, fun issue, I don't know how necessary it was, especially since it didn't set up the next arc. These Harley one-shots are cool, but I don't think she needs one for every random event. Stuff like SDCC, okay, clever... random road trip? Eh, not really. Could have been a two issue arc or something.

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