Wednesday, September 16, 2015

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #20

I'm going to admit when I'm wrong and outright commend this issue for acknowledging how ridiculous it is that Harley was in LA just last week, and now she's going back.

The Spoilers:

While Harley is having a dream of the DCU Airlines flight from hell, followed by the casual murder of frustrating and rude airline workers, she hits Hollywood hard as back home, the woman who hired her is being harassed by the original hired gun she contacted, who now has his eyes set on Harley.

Harley's adventures in LA take her all over the town, from sleezey pool parties, to the strip with a bunch of knock off characters, and maybe she gets propositioned by a prostitute dressed like Wonder Woman, maybe she doesn't (she does). Say what you will, but Harley gets the full LA experience, and for some reason, picks up a guy dressed up like a cowboy as her sidekick along the way.

Ultimately, Harley finds the woman she's looking for, and it turns out she's not being held for ransom by some Hollywood cult, but she's just trying to extort money from her mom for her partying drug habit... So Harley has her shot in the foot, then abducts her, promising to teach her some respect.

After some shenanigans, Harley is ready to call it a night, but there's a knock at her door and bullet in the chest of the cowboy, as Deadshot has come to say hello. 


The Opinion:

Okay, hands down, one of my favorite issues of this series recently. You may have caught me last night talking a little bit about Harley's Black Book and how I'd like to see that book distance itself form the Coney Island setting and characters, which I'm a bit bored of (the mention of Mason Macabre in here and the recent solicit made me dry heave... well, not really, but you get it). To be honest, I just want to see this comical but chaotic version of Harley go back to Gotham and interact with that world. All that being said, this issue was the next best thing, Harley out of Coney Island, in a different element, being a force of lovable chaos. This is what I want more of from the book, rather than it continually going back to the cast of characters who in my book, have never really contributed a whole lot... Other than Big Tony, who I love, because he's a blatant Danzig rip off and I find that hilarious. 

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