Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy #10

This issue gave me bad flashbacks to high school english class... Full disclosure, I just hate reading Shakespeare. It's just obnoxious to me... so imagine the dilemma when a series I really like goes full on Shakespeare?

The Spoilers:

So, Olive is sort of freaking out, because apparently the ghost of her thought to be dead mother is burning everything now? Bad stuff. The theatre got set on fire and now the school play is doomed. Being fan of the drama teacher Mr. Trent (hey there TAS), Olive volunteers herself (and her friends) to help him put on the play, thus leaving Maps roommate, Katherine K. left ignored (she also volunteered, but more on that later)

Things start to go wrong at rehearsals, and reports of a phantom of the opera type character sabotaging it are starting to float around, so the Detective Club goes all Scooby Doo and starts snooping around. After a sandbag is almost dropped on Olive's head, the club gives chase to the cloaked figure, but find nothing but the cloak, a map, and some dirt. Maps recognizes some of the stuff on the floor as being hers, so that means one thing: Katherine.

LONG STORY SHORT... well, not that long, but Katherine's name is Katherine Karlo, as in Basil Karlo, the actor, who has a beef with Trent. So now it's a bunch of high school kids vs. Clayface. Until Trent comes out, there's a Shakespeare off, and then Clayface gets blasted with a hose, leaving Katherine left a bit confused as to what happened. 

The kids are taking Katherine away from the scene when Pom runs up to them with a newspaper, because apparently teenagers still know what that is, that says Calamity is back in town... but that wouldn't make sense, right. MYSTERIES!


The Opinion:

Imagine how stupid I felt when I couldn't figure out "Karlo" after reading that preview. Hell, the cauldron on the front cover even looks like Clayface. I am a bit confused about Katherine though. Not sure if she's actually Clayface's daughter, or just like a sentient mass grown from him. Anyways.... SO, the Shakespeare stuff... Yeah, still don't like it. I don't know, I just always thought reading his work out loud in class just made everyone sound like snobbish assholes, and the same remains here, I just don't like when characters start speaking Shakespearian, just bugs me personally... Not a bad issue, just... f'ing Shakespeare, man.

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  1. Do you remember that one episode of The New Adventures of Batman and Robin? Clayface also made a little girl out of himself, Annie. Unlike Katherine she had clearly grown a mind of her own. I wonder what will happen to Katherine?