Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SPOILERS: Catwoman #44

This is one of those issues that follows addresses a lot of the problems I had been previously having, leaving me pretty damn satisfied at the end.

The Spoilers:

So, Eiko didn't die. Killer Croc pulled her into the underground, and if you have forgot, Croc started working with Selina in Eternal. Turns out Eiko knew Black Mask was looking for Catwoman, which is why she went to Selina's dressed as Catwoman, to throw him off the trail, quiet literally taking the bullet for Selina. Selina urges Eiko to give it up once and for all, but things get even more complicated when Black Mask spots Croc bringing Eiko back to the Hasigawa compound in her Catwoman mask.

Elsewhere, Catwoman is trying to get out of the game and sits down with Ward and Antonia, putting all the dirty laundry out to dry, letting things go, and outlines her plans for Antonia to take over.  Then after a little falling out between Stephanie and Eiko, Selina meets Spoiler to haver her look into that cop or whoever she had been looking into about unmasking everyone.

Remember things getting complicated with Eiko? Well, Black Mask believes that the Hasigawas have been harboring Catwoman, so he organizes a full on slaughter at their compound. When Mask bests Eiko's father and tells him about the perceived Hasigawa/Catwoman alliance, Eiko's father puts it together and realizes who Black Mask actually saw, but doesn't say anything, sacrificing himself for his daughter, who later finds him dead beneath a message to Catwoman.


The Opinion:

Not going to lie, I was starting to get sort of deflated towards this book, especially last month... but this issue brought me right back in and sort of energized me back up. Three main things happened in this issue that really made me happy... First: There was signs of progression. Selina talked a lot about seeing this whole situation to its end and then moving on. I really want to move on from this whole mob boss/Black Mask story. It feels like Zero Year, it was cool in the beginning, but holy shit did it last a long time. Second: It was focused. Aside from that little scene with Spoiler about that dead cop whose involvement in the actual story makes very little sense, this issue was mostly all meat, not a whole lot of excess fat. It was just Selina and the conflict at hand... None of those two cops who are hold overs form the Winnick/Nocenti runs, no getting chased by Gordon Bat because of course he has to show up, and not a whole lot about that dead cop's investigation into who the masks are, just Selina's A plot, a little B plot, and nothing from plots C, D and E. Finally, this issue gave reason for some of the things that made no sense prior. This entire post-Convergence arc I've been asking why the hell Eiko is still dressing up like Catowman, it served no purpose before and even less so now... Well, at the very least, her dressing up that last issue now does make sense since she was trying to protect Selina... but her putting it back on when she got brought home, sort of causing her father's death, that's back to "WHY!?!" but whatever, I'll let it slight.

Lot of good stuff in this issue, that's for sure. I came into this week just sort of apathetic towards the series, but this issue definitely stoked the flame a bit.

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