Wednesday, September 16, 2015

SPOILERS: Black Canary #4

We get the origin of Bo Maeve as Dinah hits a wall trying to find Ditto... GET IT!? Wall!?

The Spoilers:

Dinah is using any lead she can to find Ditto, who has been abducted by the band's former singer Bo Maeve, even calling in Frankie from Batgirl for a little help... how long until Frankie is Oracle is it? Anyways! Bo on the other hand, is driving to parts unknown, off the grid with Ditto, and FLASHBACK TIME.

Bo's origin is pretty simple. Super talented artist, and knew it, so she got a bit of an ego, and ended up getting kicked out of the band, immediately replaced by Dinah, and witnessed her scream power pretty early after setting fire to the band's music video set. So, Bo is a bit jealous and now she's handing over Ditto to the shadowy government agency that wants her, and in exchange, Bo gets the same powers as Dinah.

As Bo meets Amanda Waller in the middle of nowhere, she hands over Ditto and goes off with some scientist people, but before Waller leaves with Ditto, a woman in white intervenes and rescues Ditto, eventually returning her to Dinah in secret. Elsewhere, experiment went well with Bo and it seems she's got a sonic scream for herself now.


The Opinion:

I have a few minor gripes to get out of the way, but they are pretty minor. I know Bo overheard Dinah and Kurt last issue, but her being able to just contact Waller, who seems like she should be sort of a... not listed in the phone book type of person, seems a little farfetched. Then there's the stuff with how Dinah got in the band... Bo was fired by the label and Dinah was put in her place that day. While a little of this was known from the start, how Dinah was sort of just a mercenary singer, seeing it all out in the open like that makes the band seem super cooperate and manufactured, as if it was a Simon Cowell boy band. Just sort of takes a hit at my investment in these characters if I know they came together because they were manufactured that way. 

ANYWAYS. There's some other stuff to discuss here, because as usual, I liked the issue, because this is a pretty darn good series. While it was a flashback heavy issue, which usually I can take or leave, we got some interesting developments, like Bo getting some powers, which makes her an actual threat rather than just a whiner who got kicked out of the band. Then there seems to be the reintroduction of White Canary.... I'm going to guess it's a White Canary of some sort. All I hope is that Brenden Fletcher and company weren't told "PUT WHITE CANARY IN IT LIKE THE SHOW! THEN WE'LL HAVE HIM WIN THE ROYAL RUMBLE AND FACE BROCK LESNAR! EVERYONE WILL LOVE IT!" Sorry, the lines between cooperate heads at DC and WWE really gets blurred to me (dude, they're totally the same thing!) But I really hope we don't get a "It's your long lost sister Sara" a couple issues down the line, because maaaaaaan, I don't like transparent shit like that. If it is something not trying to be in line with the show, then considering me intrigued. 

Finally, Pia Guerra filled in on art this issue (as well as the next, I think?) and it looked great. I don't remember the last thing I read that featured Guerra's art, but it has been long enough to make me not know what to expect from this issue. While it didn't have the same sort of kinetic punk rock looking energy that Annie Wu brings to the table, Guerra's style translated well maintaining the same sort of general vibe the series has had. My only criticism is that she gives Dinah a very stern/hard looking face that aged her quite a bit in my eyes.

So yeah, while it's a pretty flashback heavy issue, there are plenty of interesting developments to go around, and the Black Canary tour keeps on rolling.

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