Saturday, September 26, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman & Robin Eternal Special Preview

So it's Batman Day, the made up holiday DC uses to go "Hey, buy Batman stuff." If you go into your local comic shop or Comixology today you get a free comic! But given that you care enough to read a Batman spoilers website, you've probably already read it, being that the comic is the first issue of the
"Endgame" storyline. Annnnyways, there's also a special 8 page preview for Batman and Robin Eternal in the back, so NEW CONTENT.

The Spoilers:

Five years ago, Bruce looks beaten to shit and is making his way back to the cave. He sits down at the computer to open a file that contains headshots of a bunch of missing kids, along with the recording of a woman taunting him, saying she knows the truth about Robin, how "little choice" he had in the matter of his fate and if he knew the truth, everything would come falling down.

Five years later, Dick is in the middle of some snow covered desert and getting calls of help from his allies across the world, saying they've lost Tokyo and are losing Paris. Dick tells them to keep fighting while he enters a giant castle carved out of the side of a glacier, asking Bruce how could have let this all happened. And big double spread of all the Bat children fighting literal children all over the world.

Back in time, Bruce backs up the file to a thumb drive and purges everything form his computer. Dick (as Robin) pops in to ask if anything is wrong, Bruce plays it off as nothing. Dick knows he's lying, but Bruce promises him that it's nothing he ever has to worry about.


The Opinion:

Can't really offer much of an opinion on this actual story, given that it's cryptic by nature and we know nothing other than a bunch of Robins are involved and Cassandra Cain comes back? The one thing that has me curious is that the thumb drive we see is SUPER FAMILIAR as are the potential contents.

Remember Judd Winick's short-lived run on Batman following Battle for the Cowl? No, of course you don't, why would you? BUT I DO, for some reason.... Well, specifically, I remember that it ends up with Dick Grayson finding a thumb drive with secrets about his past and the death of his parents that Bruce was keeping from him. You know... that event that kicked off Dick's path to becoming Robin? 

See for yourself. 

The idea that this forgotten plot line is finally getting picked up again is insane. Why? Why would they just randomly go: "Oh yeah, we should do something with this thing that happened almost six years ago." 

But the more you think about it, the possibility of this being legit becomes more and more clear. Tony Daniel followed Judd Winick on Batman. There was some weirdness at the time with Winick and Batman where hew as supposed to write Battle for the Cowl, told that to CBR and apparently got "punished" by getting kicked off, or something, memory is vague. ANYWAYS. Batman #691 ends with setting up Tony Daniel's story with Black Mask, but these two pages were the final of the issue. With Winick probably knowing he was gone, who's to say that this was his idea in the first place? Clearly he set up stuff for the next writer, this just as easily could have been a plot for Tony Daniel never got to. What does this have to do with anything? Well ask yourself, who is the "main" artist of Batman and Robin Eternal...

Tony Daniel.

So I don't know guys... At the very least, this is a weirdly specific coincidence, but if we put on our tinfoil hats, I'm pretty sure there's something to this. Clearly, whatever would have been intended back in 2009 would not be what we get now, but if there's an interview in a few months where Scott Snyder or James Tynion went "yeah there was this thumb drive idea no one ever did anything with," then I'm just preemptively doing a #FHIZWASRIGHT right now.


  1. The similarities are eerie. I wouldn't be surprised if you are correct about this. Also, I can't believe you actually remember this. So much of the non-Batman and Robin 'Batman Reborn' arc is such a foggy haze for me at this point.

  2. Well I'll give props to DC for bringing back a plot point that felt pretty much abandoned.
    I do want to say though that this Batman Day seems pretty pointless compared to the past. 2012 tied in with The Dark Knight Rises and 2014 was for the 75th Anniversary. This year, yeah, it's just for the sake of having one.

  3. Im gonna go ultra longshot here. The missing kids end up becoming the we are robin kids and maybe dick wasnt meant to be the first robin

  4. Oh goodie more Batdick (and I don't mean Grayson). Can't they just let Robin's origin just be Bruce being an actual caring human being...of course not....DCYouNUwhateverthefu..

  5. Hopefully we're not going down the "Batman keeps tabs on athletic young boys on the off chance that their parents might die and he subsequently could recruit them to be partners in his violent war on crime" road again. Pretty much everything in the preceding sentence is really skeevy.

    Plus we know that the Court of Owls was already tabbing Dick to be a Talon, so the "normal life" ship sailed even before Batman was in the picture.