Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SPOILERS: Batgirl #44

It's funny, because I made the Brock Lesnar/Undertaker jokes about Babs and the tigers last issue, and now, days after Lesnar/Undertaker are announced to have a match at Hell in a Cell, Babs fights the tigers in a cage… or an indoor pool greenhouseish looking thing… Same thing!

What was I talking about again?

The Spoilers:

It doesn't take long for Babs to track Alysia's fiancé's phone and not long after that, she comes across Velvet Tiger, who has a trick up her sleeve which allows her to set off all of Babs' gadgets, allowing her to escape.

Babs then goes to find Qadir, who got a package from her "partner" as he puts it, with all the evidence needed to clear him from last issue's tiger incident. Babs gonna deal with that later, Tiger Lady is first. Luke shows up and the three of them do some digging and find that Velvet Tiger is this woman named Lian, the CEO of a failing company… And also Jeremy's ex who Babs remembers hearing about. And it all starts to make sense.

After confronting Jeremy, Babs learns that Tiger demanded all sorts of info on his students like finger print and retinal scans, allowing her to do what she do. Bad. Babs also gets info on Tiger's family home and urges Jeremy to turn himself in.

Babs finds Alysia outside of the house as well, turns out she did some digging too and figures Jo is in there. Babs urges her to stay outside as she goes in for the rescue. Sure enough, Tiger is in there with Jo, and there's some plan that Tiger used Jo for… insurance money or something, I don't know, not important. Anyways, round two! Babs does better, but eventually she gets stuck with a tranq dart she used on one of the tigers and starts to pass out… or trip balls, because her talking motorcycle comes in to save the day, knocking Tiger out and getting Babs out of there… Oh yeah, Alysia pulled Jo out too.

The next day, Babs meets Luke for coffee and they discuss… Then kiss for some reason and Babs invites him to the wedding. ELSEWHERE. You know that thing Frankie had Qadir working on? Well, it's a neck… implant… thing… That lets her control tech like drones and the bike… Seems like the new not-yet-named-Oracle has a few tricks up her sleeve.


The Opinion:

Oh hey, another pretty fun over the top issue. Bengal stepped in this time, and as with issues like the Endgame or Annual one shots, I really like his style… That said, in certain panels I think he makes Babs look SUPER young. I don't think it's intentional or anything, it's just how it comes off. Page four, panel two, Babs looks like she's 12, right? Not a big deal, just this weird little thing that I can't not notice. Other than that, Bengal can draw himself some fight scenes, can't he? Great use of motion and the exaggerated detail that comes with it. Really good looking issue.

So the story? I'm still bummed that there isn't a sort of bigger story brewing with Babs like the first arc, but with the last page reveal, it's pretty clear that Frankie is what's brewing in the background this time around. The writers have teased at panels that there's a big story coming next year with Batgirl, so I'm starting to wonder if Frankie is going to be in the center of it.

…Then there's the romance angle. See what I had to say about how well the romance angle was done in Tokyo Ghost #1. You know how I said romance in super hero books kind of sucks? Well, yeah, that. It just comes off forced here. Like I said last month, I'm pretty sure Batgirl and Batwing never shared any screen time together and now it's just "WE DATIN'!" It's just sort of empty, you know? I've got no idea about this, but it just seems like someone went "Luke Fox hasn't been in a book in a while… have him date Batgirl? Sure, whatever." There just doesn't seem to be any more thought than that and that's why I can't bring myself to care about it. I'm not exactly going to tumblr and squeeeeeeing about my feels over here or anything.

I hate ending posts on issues that I liked with negatives… So… in conclusion…. this was… good? I mean, I'm not questioning it or anything, just sort of painted myself into a corner… BYE.


  1. Yeah the batwing thing came out of nowhere . At least with Jason in eternal they had some sort of build up. Not hating , batgirl can date who ever she wants but I like to see some chemistry/build up before they go to the dating stage. I mean we just learned and just came to grasp that Luke and babs are on first name basis

    1. Yeah, exactly. I don't mind Luke, I liked his book... but it's just totally random.

    2. Is not dating the way to figure out if you have chemistry or not? That's how it was when I grew up, however if its changed in the last n years, I haven't been notified.

  2. It was totally necessary for Bengal to illustrate the issue with the tiger villain, of course. Good comics.

    Sure, Luke's out of nowhere. And really hasn't had any screentime with Babs beyond those huge "Well, everyone's here now" scenes in Gothtopia and Eternal. But he's a charismatic dude, her age, handsome, all that. And he's aware of her secret identity (new to this series as well, but go with it) so there's that, too. (Hey, she saved his family during Endgame). So anyway, if it gets Tiffany and Tam into this series, we'll be squaresy.

  3. I read here, that Batwing has been benched....what!? So he we just lost a person of color who was a bat, and demoted to being another bat's love interest? Well at least I have Batman:Bad Blood.