Sunday, September 13, 2015

Catwoman Gets a New Creative Team? Maybe?

Seems like someone at CBR read tomorrow's solicitations and wanted to jump the gun outing some news. Along with the cancellation of titles like Omega Men (fuck everything) and Justice League United, CBR is listing that Catwoman is getting a new creative team of Frank Tieri and Inaki Miranda, which I'm somewhat skeptical about.

First off, this is a story coming out Sunday night... who does that? Second, the way this article is phrased, it literally just sounds like someone read solicits and made a story about it, given how they've reportedly reached out to DC for clarification on some things, but haven't heard back. So in no way is this an official announcement or anything. Then there's the creative team, specifically Tieri, who DC seems to bring in whenever there's a gap to fill somewhere... So I'm thinking this may be a one off issue or something, given the circumstances.

I certainly hope so to be honest. While I have some issues with the current Catwoman story sort of dragging and being unfocused in spots, it's no doubt the best it has been in quite some time. Then there's Tieri, and I've got nothing against the guy, but everything I've read from him that DC has put out over the past couple of years has not done anything for me at all. We'll see Monday, and I'll be glued to Genevieve Valentine's twitter updates to she if she clarifies anything.

EDIT: Seems like Inaki Miranda is probably the new artist for sure, as he had posted this on twitter a couple of days ago... makes sense. I still have a hard time believing Valentine has been replaced, especially how much the editors (along with Snyder) had championed her. If she is gone, hopefully it's just due to her duties on Batman and Robin Eternal and not some classic New 52 ish bullshit... remember that?

(Source: CBR)


  1. Shame about what is happening, but, to remain positive, I do like Inaki Miranda's artwork. She does good work (Coffin Hill, while problematic, always did manage to remain gorgeous looking)