Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman Annual #4

Remember Arkham Manor? Suer you do! That pretty cool concept that was dropped like a thing you'd drop really fast because for whatever reason it isn't alright to hold? YEAH, that. Well, we get some answers as to whatever happened to that, not-so-Batman Bruce.

SPOILERS: Grayson Annual #2

Turns out not even Superman knows how to properly explain to Dick how he lost his powers.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Grayson Annual #2 Preview

Flashback story? Somebody call Blockbuster.

(Source: The AV Club)

Batman and Robin Eternal #2 Cover

Ah, remember when every week I was snooping around for newly revealed Batman Eternal covers? Love it when it's easy like this.

(Source: Newsarama)

Batman Annual #4 Preview

I'm curious what this issue is actually going to be about or if it's just going to be finger painting Bruce moping around for 40 pages. Also, this artist had to have studied under Rafael Albuqurque, right?

(Source: CBR)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stack Rundown, 09/27/2015

Fucking Destiny. I thought "I'll give the Taken King a shot" after falling off of Destiny prior to the first DLC coming out. Didn't expect much, usually just play solo, don't do raids... but fucking hell do I keep playing the crap out of it. I DON'T KNOW WHY! The dopamine fix of getting a new piece of armor that's better than your old shit is just enough to go "play more you addict!"

Shit man... I still need to finish Metal Gear Solid, but stupid Destiny keeps getting in the way... Oh yeah, Nameless was literally the only other book I read this week. Short post is short!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman & Robin Eternal Special Preview

So it's Batman Day, the made up holiday DC uses to go "Hey, buy Batman stuff." If you go into your local comic shop or Comixology today you get a free comic! But given that you care enough to read a Batman spoilers website, you've probably already read it, being that the comic is the first issue of the
"Endgame" storyline. Annnnyways, there's also a special 8 page preview for Batman and Robin Eternal in the back, so NEW CONTENT.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Looking Forward: September 30th, 2015

It's annual week! Good thing, because there's dick for Bat annuals in December.
  • Batman Annual #4: I guess we're hanging out with arts and craft Batman for awhile? Cool, sure, I bet his finger paintings look pretty good.
  • Grayson Annual #2: Was this week's issue of Grayson not enough? Well, good thing there's another next week!
I think there's the equivalent of an 8 page preview story coming out for Batman and Robin Eternal this Saturday for Batman Day? If that's true, then expect something on that as well. If it's just the first 8 pages of the #1 issue, then I'll hold off.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SPOILERS: Grayson #12

Well, the cat's out of the bag Dick is out of the box now. Everyone knows Dick is back… Well, everyone but Bruce. He doesn't know Dick. He knows finger paints and manly beards now.

SPOILERS: Batgirl #44

It's funny, because I made the Brock Lesnar/Undertaker jokes about Babs and the tigers last issue, and now, days after Lesnar/Undertaker are announced to have a match at Hell in a Cell, Babs fights the tigers in a cage… or an indoor pool greenhouseish looking thing… Same thing!

What was I talking about again?

SPOILERS: We Are Robin #4

Following the death of one of its members, the Robin movement takes center stage in Gotham's news cycle.

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn/Power Girl #4

Does anyone really care about posts for this series? I mean… It's not exactly a super detailed plot you'd need to look up spoilers for in any circumstance. I see the traffic numbers… Just trying to figure out if I should spare myself the work.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Grayson #12 Preview

You got to be careful Dick, if Kathy Kane catches you with a box of her Eye Holes, she just comes bursting in through a window and just starts kicking the shit out of you.

(Source: Crave Online)

We Are Robin #4 Preview

Was definitely not expecting to sort of retro comic look. I like it.

(Source: AV Club)

Batgirl #44 Preview

Bengal is on art for this one. Other than the fact that I think he makes Babs look a bit too young, looks great otherwise.

(Source: Uproxx)

Harley Quinn/Power Girl #4 Preview

::Sigh:: Half an issue of fill-in art. At least it kind of looks like Roux. Also, boy is that new CBR Exclusive watermark pretty obnoxiously large... Fitting with how obnoxious it is to use that site without adblock turned on.

Shots intended.

(Source: CBR)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Stack Rundown, 09/20/2015

Putting up this post right after football starts? SMART! None of you watch football, right? Anyways, you know what a real fucking good comic book is? Tokyo Ghost.


That book was fantastic, you should probably read it, I wrote a good deal about it, more than usual for these posts, so you know I really liked it.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Looking Forward: September 23rd, 2015

Yeah, I went heavy on the Batgirl for this week's graphic.
  • Grayson #12: Grayson's homecoming! Barbara is pretty much the only person who has acknowledged the thought that he's dead in her book... Everyone else is just "Meh."
  • Batgirl #44: Batgirl vs. Velvet Tiger, who sounds like she would be the name of something Prince came up with.
  • We Are Robin #4: Batgirl! Because everything else has Batgirl in it too!
  • Harley Quinn/Power Girl #4: Okay, I'm pretty sure Batgirl isn't in this one though.
Now, back to playing Metal Gear or Destiny... or go to work, I don't know, whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing, off to do that.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

Batman Group December 2015 Solicitations

Bruce Wayne discovers a secret from his past?! Could it be that he finds out he was Batman!? Shock and awe people, shock and awe...

So, changes this month.... Catwoman creative shift, for whatever reason... Remember when I said I thought Tieri's recent Gotham related work was super generic by all accounts? Well look at that generic solicit text! Catwoman is a thief and needs to remind everyone she's a thief! Okee-dokee.

We'll see. I guess.

That's the only big change really. We knew Scott McDaniel was drawing the Robin issue for the crossover, and Gotham by Midnight got cancelled. Other than that, not much else to take note of.

Black Canary #4 Preview

So far so good in terms of the guest art from Pia Guerra.

(Source: AV Club)

Genevieve Valentine Confirms Catwoman Exit

Welp, this move makes literally no sense to me. Genevieve Valentine, the woman who saved us all from the Nocenti Catwoman mess, is out, and being replaced by someone whose most recent work in Gotham has come off as nothing more than generic to me.

I'm getting real bad typical New 52 creative bullshit flashbacks, you guys. Taking Valentine, the only critically acclaimed writer of the series, off just makes no sense. I don't care if I already said that, it really doesn't.

(Source: Genevieve Valentine's Twitter)

Harley Quinn #20 Preview

Well, if that dream sequence is anything to go by, I'm going to guess this issue will probably be a pretty good one!

(Source: Geek Dad)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Catwoman Gets a New Creative Team? Maybe?

Seems like someone at CBR read tomorrow's solicitations and wanted to jump the gun outing some news. Along with the cancellation of titles like Omega Men (fuck everything) and Justice League United, CBR is listing that Catwoman is getting a new creative team of Frank Tieri and Inaki Miranda, which I'm somewhat skeptical about.

First off, this is a story coming out Sunday night... who does that? Second, the way this article is phrased, it literally just sounds like someone read solicits and made a story about it, given how they've reportedly reached out to DC for clarification on some things, but haven't heard back. So in no way is this an official announcement or anything. Then there's the creative team, specifically Tieri, who DC seems to bring in whenever there's a gap to fill somewhere... So I'm thinking this may be a one off issue or something, given the circumstances.

I certainly hope so to be honest. While I have some issues with the current Catwoman story sort of dragging and being unfocused in spots, it's no doubt the best it has been in quite some time. Then there's Tieri, and I've got nothing against the guy, but everything I've read from him that DC has put out over the past couple of years has not done anything for me at all. We'll see Monday, and I'll be glued to Genevieve Valentine's twitter updates to she if she clarifies anything.

EDIT: Seems like Inaki Miranda is probably the new artist for sure, as he had posted this on twitter a couple of days ago... makes sense. I still have a hard time believing Valentine has been replaced, especially how much the editors (along with Snyder) had championed her. If she is gone, hopefully it's just due to her duties on Batman and Robin Eternal and not some classic New 52 ish bullshit... remember that?

(Source: CBR)

Stack Rundown, 09/13/2015

Well DC You, it was a nice run, but I'm sorta just getting back to "just give me the bat titles and a couple other real good books" mentality. I tried some things, they were fun for those couple of months, but now the shine is gone and... eeeeh.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Court of Owls Return in Robin War

I swear, the other day I was thinking how great a concept the Court of Owls was and how underutilized they've been since the original story and cancellation of Talon (by the way, remember Talon?).

Well, scratch that, because it looks like the Court of Owls make their big return in the pages of December's Robin War crossover. On top of the already announced tie-ins, it seems that Red Hood/Arsenal and Teen Titans will be joining in on the fun, which... eeeeeeh.

Check out Comic Vine for all the solicits. Maybe we will get solicitations next week?

(Source: Comic Vine)

Looking Forward: September 16th, 2015

I forgot to write this post in the morning, and I have nothing to say that's all too unique, so MOVING ON.
  • Robin: Son of Batman #4: Deathstroke is known for being a nemesis to Dick, so it was only a matter of time he becomes one to Damian.
  • Black Canary #4: First issue with Pia Guerra on art. Going to miss Annie Wu for these couple of issues, but curious to see what this issue will look like.
  • Harley Quinn #20: I still don't understand how she flies to LA in the Road Trip issue, drives back to Coney Island, and now she's back in LA... Poor, poor planning.
That's all! I'd say I don't think solicitations are coming next week, but we'll probably find out what annuals/specials are due in December... Got to figure something Bat related will be in there, or maybe Robin War will be enough.

Harley's Little Black Book is Opened in December

Because there isn't enough Harley Quinn published by DC yet, it was just announced that she's getting another series launching in December called Harley Quinn's Little Black Book.

Little Black Book isn't your average book, it's bi-monthly (I... is someone going to use this as a pun or innuendo, because I feel like it'd be super fitting for the book) over-sized team-up series, with the first issue seeing Harley team up with Wonder Woman. Issue #1 will be written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti (who, I'd be willing to bet write the others) and it will be illustrated by Conner along with some guests.

DC is far past going all-in with Harley, and while I love Conner and Palmiotti's take on her, the shine has worn off for me, and that initial excitement is gone. Mind you, I still love reading the title every month, but holy shit there's a lot of Harley content to go around. That said, I think going bi-monthly is a good idea, so there's not as much as there could be, and the team-up idea is great... It's not the Harley/Ivy mini series I had hoped for, but hey, I'll take it.

(Source: DC Comics)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman #44

Join Scott Snyder, Brian Azzarello and Jock on a trip to the fertile ground that is post-Zero year, pre-Justice League #1, where anything can happen!

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy #10

This issue gave me bad flashbacks to high school english class... Full disclosure, I just hate reading Shakespeare. It's just obnoxious to me... so imagine the dilemma when a series I really like goes full on Shakespeare?

SPOILERS: Catwoman #44

This is one of those issues that follows addresses a lot of the problems I had been previously having, leaving me pretty damn satisfied at the end.

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1

Remember when this book would try to be coy and hide innuendos and certain suggestions? Hah, not anymore, that's for damn sure.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Monday, September 7, 2015

Gotham Academy #10 Preview

Quick! I'm at work! Someone remind me what character's last name begins with the letters "Kar," potentially meaning that Maps' roommate is related to someone of note. Literally the only thing coming to mind is "Kardashian." Damnit, garbage pop culture, leave me alone.

(Source: DC Comics)

Catwoman #44 Preview

No more Eiko pretending that she's Catwoman!

Clap Clap, ClapClapClap.

...Too many syllables, didn't work. Sorry!

(Source: AV Club)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Stack Rundown, 09/06/2015

Between finishing the Witcher again and starting Metal Gear, there was a point this week where I thought "Man, I'm falling into that trap again," the trap being, forgetting to read the comics I bought... Well, turns out that I forgot I barely bought anything this week. These first weeks of the month have been rough. There's just nothing going. Well, I shouldn't say nothing in terms of quality, only quantity.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Batman #44 Preview

Don't get me wrong, I like Wytches, but Jock drawing Batman is just a thing of beauty. I wish we got more.

(Source: Uproxx)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Looking Forward: September 9th, 2015

Short week next with Labor Day... for everyone but meeeeee. Still got to work Monday. Oh well.
  • Batman #44: The Jock fill-in issue co-written by Brian Azzarello which details the origins of Mr. Bloom, just after Zero Year.
  • Gotham Academy #10: Apparently this issue is super Shakespearey. 
  • Catwoman #44: Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Killer Croc is going to eat Eiko like I had hoped... Boo.
  • Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1: Who needs continuity when you have a Sirens road trip?
That's about it for the week. Now excuse me, I'm going to go beat the Witcher 3... again.