Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stack Rundown, 08/30/2015

Let me tell you about The Witcher 3... I'm sitting here like "I'm just going to do a quick(ish) NG+ play through to get the platinum trophy." Just have to get the Gwent trophies, horse races, and beat it on Death March... No biggie... But then I'm like "Well, I need to upgrade my armor" so that means I need experience, so I got to do all the quests... long story short, I didn't read shit until this morning... and I still got the new volume of Sunstone and the collection of Last Days of American Crime to get through... But I just finished Skellige, soooooo, Witcher. 

Justice League 3001 #3

So apparently Howard Porter is jumping on Superman because John Romita Jr. has been given a bigger opportunity (please, not Batman… not that I’m a JRJR hater, but just, no) so that’s possibly going to be a problem for me… his art’s a big draw here, and based on a lot of the fill-in artists I saw for the first series, I’m not confident I’ll stick with it. The other half of that (yes, there’s halves, I haven’t established this prior, but it’s my website!) is that I’m starting to fall into the same mindset as I did with the first volume… I’m here for Batman and Superman being total assholes to each other, and the story that’s trying to be told… eeeeeeh. Like, evil incognito Lois Lane doesn’t do anything for me, I kind of just want dumb slapstick. We’ll see how it goes, I guess. All that being said, this second Batman thing seems interesting, and I’m interested to see who it’s a clone of, so I’ll probably stick around to see that.

Justice League of America #3

Still enjoying this, but I’m right on the edge of almost saying that the pacing is starting to slow down. True, it’s only the third issue, that’s why I’m not really going definitive here, but we all know that something is going to go wrong with Rao, the Justice League will turn on him, despite Superman and the world thinking otherwise, and there we go, big conflict. Sure, there’s stuff with Barry, Hal and Diana, but when we go back to Rao in the present, he seems pretty great, other than that one comment about him being more forceful if the world’s governments try to prevent him from being awesome. Sure, that’s a bit ominous, but right now all we’ve got is Batman going “Question everything!” I’d like to see at least one insidious cut away to make me go “oh, fuck that dude."

Low #9

This wasn’t the issue where I got used to McCaig coloring this title now. Again, not that it’s a bad thing, but it just seems weird to me since the change is pretty major in terms of visual style. Anyways, I feel like this issue really progressed the story in a lot of ways. The first arc was good, but there was a lot of “where is this going?” thoughts left with me at the conclusion. Now that we’ve got the sisters reunited, back searching for their mother, and that probe still on the surface, it seems that there is a dedicated goal for the characters int he book to achieve and that question of where everything is headed will be answered, that is, until there’s another swerve and things get even crazier as Rick Remender written books tend to do.

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