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Stack Rundown, 08/23/2015

Seriously though, that Invader Zim book is so good right now. Easily one of my favorite books and I'm so thankful that it is a thing that exists and I can read... Other books are good, too.

Secret Six #5

So, the worst kept secret (was this even supposed to be a secret?) gets exposed and oh hey, would you look at that, it’s Ralph and Sue Dibny. I’ll definitely be interested to see where that goes, but in a general sense, I’ve got to say that I’m actually really liking this book. It reminds me of Secret Six prior to it getting big, back when it was those two mini series that were kinda actually under the radar. I think it’s just the use of Riddler as Mockingbird, as it reminds me of when Mad Hatter was part of the book. I do also like that they’re using old continuity, like Scandal Savage and her wives, but last issue I was a bit confused whether or not Scandal and Catman still had past history, that seemed a little up in the air. Anyways, glad this book is turning out well.

Justice League #43

After really liking the first two issues of this arc, I found this one to sort of be flat. Nothing really progressed that much. Superman gets turned evil or some shit, Mr. Miracle is all “I will help you, Justice League” and then they end on a Rocky freeze frame between Anti-Monitor and Darkseid. Definitely let like a little bit of momentum was lost this issue. What’s going to suck is when they change artists to Manapul half way through the story. Not that Manapul is bad, but his style is so different than Fabok’s in every single way, there’s no way it won’t clash in terms of consistency… which everyone should know by now, I favor above all else when it comes to art.

Rat Queens #11

So hopefully, now, once and for all, this book is back on track, finally. If you weren’t aware, let’s catch you up… Original artist leaves book due to domestic violence issue, Sejic takes over after delays, meant to finish current arc and probably draw the next one, Sejic has health issues, a billion other books to draw, and signs an exclusive with Top Cow, and now Tess Fowler is new artist. The tone and story remains the same, which is great, and Tess Fowler is a great artist in her own right, but I feel like the book lost some visual identity. Fowler has a much more traditional comic art style look (as in penciled/inked) than either Upchurch or Sejic before her, it just doesn’t have that digital touch that I really liked. I’m sure I’ll get used to it after a couple issues, but it’s just definitely a big adjustment to get over. All that being said, the most important thing is Rat Queens needs to stay on track and if Fowler helps make that happen, then hallelujah.

Invincible #122

Have I said that I’m kind of tired of Thragg? Because, I am. I know that a lot of Invincible is long game stuff, I mean… I’ve read every single issue, but Thragg is just one of those guys I’m just like “whatever, go away.” He’s like the John Cena of villains in this book. I mean, Mark and his brother are going to fight him, something is going to go wrong, because it’s Invincible and something always has to go wrong, and it’s going to go into that “reboot” story-line, which I’m hesitant about even if it is super self-aware. I’m just tired of Thragg, he’s not interesting to me at all.

Revival #32

I’ve always said that this book, while consistently good thought the entire run, always has these issues every now and then that are big game changers, and this was one of them. Relationship between Em and Dana broke down, Em being a reviver is discovered, and the government is up to some messed up shit. I have no idea if we’re at the end of what would be a trade collection, but it definitely seems like it, because this is one of those issues that sort of does change everything in a comic… for real, not a typical “THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING BARELY” issues. 

Rick and Morty #5

I hate to say it, but with the actual show being back, my enjoyment of this comic has greatly diminished. The show is just SO fucking good and the stories here pale in comparison. I mean, take for example this issue, Morty tries to save dreamland, wakes up out of a coma, Rick says that was dumb, but turns out dreamland was real and got destroyed. Dark? A little… or we can go back three weeks to when an episode ended on Rick failing an attempt to kill himself after a bad break-up, or how about next week, when Beth shoots a family friend she believes to be fake, only to find out he’s real, then starts to shakily drink while her family calls the police. THAT’S DARK. Don’t get me wrong, those both are horrible events, but it’s the context of the series and the fact that it goes there which makes those endings fucking great. The comic on the other hand is just sort of “eh” in comparison. Maybe this only works well when the source material isn’t in its prime.

Invader Zim #2

So, you know what’s dark? This book’s ending. When you think about it, Zim had been laying in wait for years, allowing Dib to grow fat and gross, all so he could eventually embarrass him in front of every single sentient being in the universe. The laughter is so loud, Dib can hear it from his room… That’s super fucked up when you think about it! But man, I’m just loving this book so far. Perfect art and tone to match everything that was great about the series. I like the Rick and Morty book, but this one just nails everything.

Archie #2

Talked a little bit about this on Twitter, but I’m really generally enjoying the hell out of this book. I bought the first issue simply due to the hype, and going in this week I was wondering if I was just sort of going with the crowd and reading this essentially because everyone loves Fiona Staples (which, I mean, ain’t a bad thing). Coming out of this issue, I put those concerns to bed and can say that I generally just really like this book. Doesn’t feel like it’s trying to hard to be young, quite humorous, and it looks fantastic. That said, it’s one of those books where I can’t really comment on the content all that much, because opposed to something like Batman, it’s just easy going and totally different than everything else that I read. So yeah… good book!

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