Sunday, August 16, 2015

Stack Rundown, 08/16/2015

Totally forgot all about this whole comic website thing this weekend. Been playing games all day. Got mad platinum trophies these past couple of days. One in Goat Simulator, which is a dumb game, then got one in Everybody's Gone to The Rapture, which desperately needs a walking speed patch, then another in Super Exploding Zoo, which was apparently a PS+ game at some point? Working on the Bastion plat right now, which is proving to be a challenge but--OH WAIT, comics.

Justice League United #12

This is one of those books where the story doesn’t really matter too much to me, because the make up of the team is pretty much all I need. The rotating cast is a great idea, and really reminds me of the JLU cartoon. That said, I do wish some were utilized more… mainly the two that piqued my interest into reading this book again, Ivy and Swamp Thing. I know each character was meant to play their specific part, but Swamp Thing was just taken off the board early, while Poison Ivy was there to talk to him in whatever trap he got put in… Or complaining. Yeeeeeah, that was disappointing, I’ve got to say, but hey… Batgirl is next, and I’m sure that’s going to be weird as shit, but I’m totally open to it. With Paul Pelitier doing art for the next two, I do hope that Travel Foreman comes back, because he was a pretty big draw as well.

Earth 2: Society #3

Still enjoying this book a good deal more than I thought I would, though I’m sort of getting tired with the format. Three issues have been a like 1/3 present day stuff, 2/3 fill in the year-long backstory. There’s certainly been a whole lot teased, but just going in, knowing exactly what the play is going to be, makes the story come off kind of stale already. Not REALLY stale, but like… the chips ahoy have been out for a little while and are a little chewy, but still good, stale. So this time we get Robo-Lois going “people are scared of me, oh well, I’m gonna be me” and then I guess Terry is dead? Sure. I really do hope they come out of “filling in the gaps” mode soon, so the story can progress and become the true main focus on the book. 

Starfire #3

I still don’t like this book as much as Harley Quinn, but then again, that may be due to the fact that Starfire is indeed not Harley Quinn… That said, I’m running into the same problem I have with Harley Quinn, and that’s that I don’t care about most of the supporting cast. Now, Harley Quinn has two things going for it: 1. Harley 2. The cast is huge, so there are SOME that I like, but here, it’s just… I don’t know, not as endearing? The “Starfire takes an idiom seriously and it’s illustrated in speech bubbles” bit has run its course three issues in, and the Sherrif and her brother aren’t exactly exciting characters. This issue, the not-Terra from the old Power Girl series gets introduced, and while that’s fine I guess, there’s nothing particularly exciting about it. At the end of the day, it’s not like I actively dislike this book, it’s just increasingly becoming obvious that it’s not providing what I’m looking for in a book that I chose to read each month.

Velvet #11

Velvet is back, and you know what, Velvet be Velvet. Not a whole lot to say… She wants to get into the US, contacts and old friends, does spy stuff, doesn’t trust anyone, yep, another issue of Velvet, that’s for sure.

The Beauty #1

I feel like this is the first Image #1 in awhile that I’m real into right off the bat. For like, the past year or so, most new Image titles I try out are just not for me or I’m lukewarm in the beginning. I picked this up for Jeremy Haun’s art, and found the story to be pretty good on top of that. Basically, the beauty is an STD, which if you catch it, you basically become the most fuckable person on the planet, along with everyone else who has it. People go out of their way to get infected, but it’s still a disease, and some weird shit has started to happen. On top of all that, there’s these social class divisions, with people going as far as forming anti-beauty terrorist cells. Bunch of crazy shit. What I really liked about this book was John Rauch’s coloring, as he colors those infected with this glow about them. You know what someone looks real good people say “you look glowing,” well in terms of the art, that’s literally how it’s illustrated. It’s a real nice touch. Anyways, like I said, first Image book I’ve been really into form the start in awhile, and I’m definitely looking forward to more.

Descender #6

Arc finale! As I said above, in regards to new Image books, I’m either “pass” or “wait and see,” and this was one of those wait and see type of books, which I ended up liking more and more with each issue. We learn what the real deal is with the Dr. and Robots, and there’s a pretty cool twist at the end… but in regards to the story, I just sort of feel like it’s a few steps away from a Mass Effect story… but considering Mass Effect is pretty generic sci-fi, I guess that’s not really saying much, is it? OH WELL.

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