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Stack Rundown, 08/09/2015

Unlike last week, there's a good handful of books for me to talk about this time, including one of my favorite issues of Wicked + Divine and also, Omega Men is really fucking good.

The Omega Men #3

To think I was ready to pass up this book is hard to believe at this point, because holy shit, is it on fire. Tom King man, just comes out of nowhere and brings a real great voice to Grayson to match Tim Seeley’s unique contributions, then he strikes it out on his own in the DCU and just makes some obscure ass nobodies (c’mon, let’s be real) and makes them one of DC’s best reads, right next to Grayson. This issue’s twist with the Princess and Omega Men’s plan was pretty surprising and super twisted. I mean, this stuff gets pretty dark in its shades of grey, which makes it all the more compelling. Easily my favorite issue yet.

Midnighter #3

Midnighter continues doing its thing, being really badass, while mixing in a good deal of personal development. Midnighter vs. Multiplex and a billion of his clones? Midnighter wins. All dead. All. Well, maybe the original is somewhere or something, but just cutting back to that scene with him standing over countless corpses, pretty cool. Then of course, this issue ends with Grayson, and anything with Grayson is good, right? Well, anything but that Detective Comics fill in issue, that was pretty bad… But that is not this and this is good! 

The Wicked + The Divine #13

Tula Lotay’s art sure is something, isn’t it? I wish she wasn’t so attached at the hip to Warren Ellis, who for my personal tastes, is hard to get into. But oh well, whatever works for them, I guess. Anyways, to accompany Lotay’s absolutely gorgeous art, we get introduced to a new god, Tara… who by my count is the 12th (before we knew there were 13). Really attractive star, who is a magnet for all the sexual harassment that comes with it. This issue is kinda gross when you think about how rooted in reality it is… Gross in an unfortunate way, but it’s real. This may have been one of my favorite issues of the series, but it also had it’s faults. We just got introduced to Tara, and while Gillen does a great job of getting you to empathize with her, by the end… when that thing which has been happening a lot in this book lately happens, it just felt a little too quick. I mean, I thought we were done introducing new gods. I hadn’t counted, but I thought they were all there… But no, apparently there’s one more and—oh, never mind. I mean, good on Gillen for getting me to care in one issue, but having not known about this character prior, her departure was a little less impactful in a book that’s been having a whole bunch of deaths left and right.

Nailbiter #15

Well, the “She’s my daughter” twist sort of came out of nowhere, didn’t it? I mean, with the first page, it was pretty obvious where the issue was going with that, but still. Hell, I thought Alice was a goner last issue, I guess not… Who is she? Batman? He’s the last character I remember getting impaled like that, and he was just like “lol, whatevs.” Fast paced issue with a lot of shit going down, definitely one of those issues that the series needed. Not that this book drags, but I feel safe in saying that some issues are clearly more eventful than others, and this was one of those issues.

Deadly Class #15

Man, this book has taken a sharp turn of late, like REALLY sharp turn. Here you are thinking that this is your cast of characters, Marcus, Saya, Maria, Willie and Billy… Then Maria gets killed, Marcus goes off the deep end, and Willie and Saya are basically at war with him now. There’ “that’s kinda fucked up” shit everywhere in this school, and it just keeps getting more and more fucked up. That’s the great thing about Remender’s writing, love it or hate it, he knows how to keep readers on their toes. We also got a new colorist this issue in Jordan Boyd, who it actually took a while for me to notice before I read the credits. He did a good job of keep the consistency with Loughridge, who I guess got too busy elsewhere, so that’s fine by me. I think it’s kinda weird that all of the Remender written books have had a colorist change recently… Well, not weird, but more of a “this is a thing that I have noticed and it is indeed a thing” sort of deal.

The Fade Out #8

Mystery is progressing a little bit, but it’s still a slow burn, and they know it, we all know it. I was skimming through the letters in the back and I’m pretty sure there’s one that’s just like “yep, slow burn!” Someone still killed Val, Charlie is still trying to figure it out, and that’s about it. Don’t get me wrong, great book, just not a whole lot to say on an individual issue basis.

Airboy #3

So, have we all moved passed the controversy with issue #2? I certainly hope so, because holy shit, this issue had some really deep, heartfelt moments. I’m specifically talking about the scene where Robinson is having a one-on-one talk with Airboy and opens up about his depression, that shit really struck a nerve. Robinson has been pretty open with his opinion of his own recent work (sorta hinting towards some bitterness towards DC) in this book, but he takes it a step further in this issue discussing his belief that he may be bi-polar, has no confidence in his work anymore, feels like a shitty husband, etc. Sure, some of this may be embellished for the sake of the book, but there’s parts of this that just have to be genuine. Outside of that, how fucking great is Greg Hinkle? From what I can tell, he hasn’t done a whole lot of professional comics work, but man… he should after this, that dude has a great style.

American Vampire: Second Cycle #9

Well, son of a bitch, here I was looking at the new Millar/Albuqurque book going “um… could this book get on schedule first, please?” Because this second volume’s schedule has been TERRIBLE up until this point. Sure enough, here’s a new issue four weeks later. Good on them. This time, since there was a standard break, I actually remembered what happened last issue! The stakes get pretty high this issue, like end of the world via nuclear vampires or some shit high, and with that, I can feel myself getting back invested in this book, because up until this point, with the big hiatus and inconsistent shipping schedule, part of me felt I was just continuing to read it out of habit, which is how shit gets dropped from my pull list. It was nice to see some characters like Gus come back, even if it was a “this is how shit could go bad” flash forward. There’s a whole lot going on in this book, and it’s just good to see not all of it has been forgotten.

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