Sunday, August 2, 2015

Stack Rundown, 08/02/2015

Oh hey, look at that, it's August. Pretty late today, but I was traveling, so there's that. Only three Image books this week, but they are amongst my favorite, so there's that... too.

Low #8

This was one of those issues where I just felt like it sort of came and went real quick and had to go check the page count to make sure I wasn’t missing anything (on a few rare occasions, Comixology has botched a release and has had missing pages to be added in an update). Turns out I wasn’t… But really, this issue is Stel and her crew having a conversation (which turns tense) then it gets to the sort of “eh” cliffhanger at the end. Wasn’t a whole lot of jumping around from scene to scene just really straight forward and quick. Dave McCaig joined the book as the new colorist and I have to say it seemed weird at first. No knock on McCaig or anything, but it was just sort of a culture shock. McCaig is one of those colorists whose work I can recognize pretty easily, he’s got a similar tone between many of the books he works on, but the problem is, Greg Tocchini’s colors are just as distinct, so going from those to McCaig’s just made me sort of double take at first. Book still looks gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, just different. 

Sex Criminals #11

So, this book is basically Chew now. Chew started off with a select few people and their food based powers, then just sort of exploded with new ones with different abilities… Now Sex Criminals started off with a few people and their boner powers, and now we got guys jerking off to create Sailor Moon people… with their… you know… Yep. Ridiculous book. This was the first one in a while, and despite the weirdness, which I do enjoy, I got to say, after about a year of this book so far, or maybe more, hell, I don’t know anymore, the charm has started to wear a bit for me. Maybe it was the break, maybe there just wasn’t a whole lot of humor in this particular issue, but I came away from this one not as excited as I have previously. That’s not to say anything is wrong, just that the new car smell has worn off.

Southern Bastards #10

What’s fucked up about this issue is that the character if focused on, Esaw, is a straight up piece of shit. Worst of the worst scum sort of piece of shit… But I kind of really like him as a character? He may be a horrible person, he may commit despicable acts (especially in this issue), but he makes for a pretty good read when all is said and done. I was honestly a little taken back that he was starring in this issue, I was expecting these four issues to be an arc about the sheriff, sort of like the first two arcs were four issues each about a particular character. Guess I was wrong!

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