Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SPOILERS: Robin: Son of Batman #3

Damian and Maya (Nobody II's name is Maya, by the way) find some common ground over the fact that they're both children really good at murdering fools. D'awww.

The Spoilers:

In a flash back to the Year of Blood, Damian is about to head on a mission when one of his League appointed guides lets something slip about something he shouldn't have, the Lu'un Darga, who have something to do with the pits, and sure enough... that dude gets killed.

Back to the present, Damian and Maya are having a hard time completing their task, returning a crystal to some secret group or something, mainly because they're being chased and Goliath is going full-on beast mode after the whistle Damian uses to control him is broken. Maya uses her sonics to land Goliath, leaving Damian to drop the crystal (which the group chasing him retrieves, then retreats) while they crash to the ground. This leads to a physical conflict between the two with plenty of trash talking, but it's broken up when Goliath comes to and becomes uncontrollable. Damian quickly tunes Maya's sonics to resonate with Goliath and calm him down. Following that little tiff, the two got it all out of their system and talk for a bit. 

They enter Maya's sub together, where Damian finds messages waiting for Nobody. Turns out Maya's been acting as her father, or something along those lines (kind of unclear what she was actually doing) and since "Nobody" has been off the grid for two long, Maya feels like she has to leave and attend to the business on the other line. Damian gives a good talk about not being who their parents tried to make them be, you know, heart-warming bonding stuff... It all leads to Maya responding to Nobody's contact with a "I quit."

MEANWHILE, in parts unknown, it seems like it's the Lu'un Darga who have abducted Talia, and they attempt to use a ritual to find where Damian is by using crystals to open Talia's mind, but turns out that's a bad idea, as it gives her motivation to wake up and defend herself, so I guess the al'Ghul line isn't being exterminated. Bad news though? Seems like she's deep underground in the Lu'un Darga's city, and above her... What I figure to be the heart of the lazarus pit, which connects all the individual ones? I guess.

Oh, what about that guy who was trying to contact Nobody? Deathstroke! Turns out he doesn't like quitters.


The Opinion:

Man, this book continues to be great. I'll fully admit, while I was happy at the news of Damian getting his first solo (which I had been wanting in a bad way), there was a part of me that was hesitant toward the idea of Gleason writing. Nothing against Gleason himself, but the fact is, DC is kind of hit or miss with their artists who step into writing their own stories as well.

Well, as if the first issue didn't squash those worries, this issue just did them in for good. I'm going to say that this was my favorite issue of the series with a good mix of action and heart, as well as Damian's voice being nailed pretty well. Even the plots that are simmering in the background like Talia and now Deathstroke are turning out to be really interesting and fun. This is really is the book Damian Wayne deserves. 


  1. That whole baby tooth scene killed me.

  2. It's nice to see a writer who really gets Damian, and actually uses the character development set forth by Morrison and Tomasi as a launch point for the character. Damian is truly reformed, but he doesn't consider himself redeemed, just yet. Too many writers in AUs/adaptations keep writing him as the same character in Batman and Son.