Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn/Power Girl #3

Harley and Power Girl vs Nipple Rings and Body Hair, that's pretty much all you need to know about this one. Yup.

The Spoilers:

Harley and Power Girl along with whatshisname from Vartox's home planet, are out to find and rescue Vartox. But some space ships come and blah blah, space fight. Harley and PG return to the ship to find whatshisname tripping balls, because why not, and now we've got a Fear and Loathing homage going, where Harley talks about fill-in and comics, and me, not being a fan of fill-in (though, I really like Moritat) is just sitting there like "well, dammit" 

Homage over, and they're back to reality where they continue to search for Vartox, who actually finds him. Only problem is, he's brainwashed, and not amused by Harley's secret plan of getting him to inadvertently draw a butt in the dirt with his eye lasers. Nor is he amused by Power Girl's costume, which he believes is a feminist ploy to distract him... or something like that. Long story short, Vartox wins the fight. Cliffhanger!

The Opinion:

I'm a Fear and Loathing sucker, so that scene definitely earned a few points from me, and on top of that, it was illustrated by Moritat, who I love. But that's not the kind of fill-in I dislike (as in, if there's a clear story reason for the art to look different), it's the stuff towards the end of the issue where there's another artist who is trying to mimic the main art, but it's not quite there... Just push the deadline back and let those four pages be illustrated, damn. It's not like continuity is riding on this or anything.

But anyways, this book, like the main book, is what it is. You like it or you don't, not much more to really go off of. I'll say I thought this issue was a good deal more entertaining than the last, so that made me happy.

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