Wednesday, August 26, 2015

SPOILERS: Grayson #11

Dick doesn't get why everyone is so into his butt (heh), that's a thing now... that's cannon.

The Spoilers:

This is a big 'ol talky issue. Most of it takes place in those catacombs with a lot of Dick on Dick action (HAH! Okay, I'll stop). Real Dick fights Fake Dick, and banter ensues... Real Dick stops laughing when Fake Dick starts talking back, revealing he knows a lot about Real Dick (HAHAHAHA, okay, okay), like his past and loved ones. Things also go from bad to worse when Fake Dick pulls out (AAAAAAAAH)

the trick Luthor tipped Real Dick off on, and starts to control his actions via the hypnos, eventually uttering his killswitch word, knocking him out. Tiger comes to at this point and rips the hypnos out of his eyeballs (pretty metal thing to do, honestly) and finds that Fake Dick is nothing but Agent 8 (who Fake Dick had been taunting Real Dick about), who was thought to be dead. With her disguise useless, she tells Tiger they have much to talk about.

Back in the debriefing, Tiger tells Helena that it was Maxwell Lord and Checkmate the whole time. As Helena goes on to herself on how to retaliate, Dick just straight up quits, daring Helena to stop him, letting her know that HE knows about the whole body stopping thing. Dick heads back to his room and tries once more to contact Bruce, telling him he's done and he's coming home.

Elsewhere, Frau Netz meets with Agent 8 as they go over their plans and schemes and we find out that this is nothing more but a big old sibling rivalry between her and Agent 0, who is Kathy Kane, if you're that dense not to have realized it by now.


The Opinion:

Seriously, best book DC publishes. This is one of those issues that gets so personal and cuts straight into Dick, you can't help but go "daaaaaaaamn" under your breath every time Agent 8 lands a strike. The implications that are laid out by Netz, Agent 8, Tiger cooperating, Helena being the leader and not knowing shit, Agent 0 and her mysteriously being no where and everywhere, all that... it's all just so god damn good.


  1. Are you doing Arkham Knight: Genisis?

    1. If it's not on the list, then no. Especially after knowing who the Arkham Knight is. Pointless.

    2. Yeah but its a Jason Todd series NOT by Scott Lodbell

  2. So in essence, this is a story about two women fighting over Dick Grayson. Sounds just like a Nightwing story alright.

  3. How does grayson not know that bruce "died" in his fight with the joker? wasn't he there?