Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy #9

Olive learns the truth, and she's not going to like what she finds out about herself and her family.

The Spoilers:

It doesn't take long for Olive's friends to find her shortly after she discovers the note that's apparently from her mother. They go deep into the woods where Tristian was attacked, find some hair, and Colton leads them to his trailer/lab, where he concludes that it's wolf hair, and hey, that means a werewolf is on the lose.

Still a bit shaken by the letter, Olive excuses herself only to return to her dorm to find Maps' creepy looking roommate going through her stuff, then leaves without a word. Not long after that, a folder is slipped under Olive's door which contains all sorts of info about her mother and herself. Turns out Olive was unaware that her mother wasn't just sick, but was also considered a costumed villain by the name of Calamity, and instead of being at the academy for a scholarship, she's there to be watched.

Olive goes to the counselor to talk about this… Who is Hugo Strange by the way, because background checks don't exist… And he tells her she was never supposed to find this information, and he is actually supposed to report any interaction with her. He also mentions there's another student there for observation, Tristian.

So Olive goes to talk to him in Langstrom's lab where she finds those two, and Prof. MacPhereson, who she asks if she knew everything about her and her mother. Yup… but she says things are complicated. Regardless, Olive talks to Tristian, and something something something, turns out the old science Prof there was doing some shady stuff and thus that's why the gym teacher is a werewolf, and now that Milo isn't there, he's going full wolf all the time with no ability to control himself. Attacks, then runs off to the woods.

Everyone gives chase, kids show up too. Wolf is about to attack Olive, who freezes, and it seems like her mother or a ghost or… something, is speaking to her, telling her to use her fire and burn everything. Before anything can happen, Colton hits the wolf with a tranq gun, then he and Langstrom deal with it.

Later, the kids all go out to a theatre of sorts, and Pomeline pulls Olive aside, saying she stole and read that note. Olive gets pissed, clearly, but things go from bad to worse when she looks over Pom's shoulder and sees who she believes to be Calamity, setting the building on fire.


The Opinion:

Really good issue where we learn a lot about Olive and her mother. The stuff with this ghost… or whatever it is, really sparked my interest this time around, because clearly something is up with Olive's mother all the sudden apparently being dead, that ghost, and the blatant difference between what Killer Croc said about Calamity, and how this certain entity is acting, telling Olive to do shit like burn everything. Or maybe this is just Olive's leprechaun who tells her to burn stuff, who knows. All things being said, I feel like this was the best issue of the series in the recent months.

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