Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SPOILERS: Catwoman #43

Selina continues to navigate the battlefield that is Gotham's underworld, and I continue to wonder when this story is actually going to end.

The Spoilers:

Having convinced some of the families to go back to the Calabrese side, Selina has once again angered Black Mask and Hasigawa, who now aim to take Selina out completely, so it's up to Eiko and Stephanie to warn her.

The duo come across some dude who I can't remember (no recognized to begin with) that was attacked by Black Mask, and they realize he's going after Selina next… I guess? But I figure that was what the whole point was to begin with, nevertheless, Eiko has Steph get the guy some help as she makes the run across the rooftops to Selina's balcony in order to warn her. Turns out Black Mask is already there, and believes Eiko to be Selina in the Catwoman suit, and ends up shooting her off the roof.

Elsewhere, Selina is being the real Catwoman, staking out the GCPD where she aims to steal that information that the cop who recently turned up dead was gathering on all the masks, in hopes that she can figure out what happened to Batman. Speaking of Batman, GorBat shows up, they tussle, Selina escapes, ends up outside the Lucius Fox Community center where she comes across Bruce Wayne. They have a chat about stuff… THEMATIC stuff, and Selina goes on her way, not wanting to bring the wrong type of attention to a place which seems to be doing good for the city.

Elsewhere, Antonia is meeting with Penguin, trying to get him on the Calabrese side, unaware that Selina has already worked out a deal with him. Penguin, being the slimy bastard he is, makes note of his hesitation towards the Calabrese's lack of solid leadership, questioning who is really in charge. he asks Antonia to bring him Selina's head, and in return, he'll pledge his support. Hey man, it's the Penguin, who can trust him?

Selina makes her way back to the balcony, where she finds Antonia waiting, and whoops, I guess the secret is out again, and they have a discussion about trust and secrets, same thing with Ward. Antonia does fail to tell Selina there was a bit of a commotion earlier, as Eiko still lays at the bottom of the alley, where Killer Croc emerges from the shadows and pulls her back into them.


The Opinion: 

So, is it fucked up that I'm sitting here reading this issue going "God damn it, they're really still going all in with this stupid Eiko is pretending to be Catwoman still thing?" then when she gets shot off a building I think "Well, good, that solves that problem." (Only to be disappointed at the end where it seems somehow she survived?) I'm actively starting to resent the character the more they put her in the Catwoman costume. It was pointless in the first arc, and it's even more pointless now that Selina is back to being Catwoman… barely. I just don't understand why. The character just makes no sense to me, and never really did. This all leads to the bigger problem I'm beginning to have and that's the fact that part of me still feels like I'm waiting for a good Catwoman book.

That's not to say this is a bad book, it's better than it was, there's no arguing that, but this entire crime boss thing is just becoming stale for me. It's been what, 8 or so issues since it began? and it barely feels like anything has progressed. This entire plot with the Calabrese family, Black Mask, Penguin, and whoever else just feels like it's going in circles, with no major steps forward, only a few baby steps here and there. On top of that, there continues to be many elements that just seem like they're excess, like Eiko acting like she's Catwoman, or whoever the hell that was that she and Stephanie found in the alley. I'm starting to have the same feelings that I had during the end of Zero Year, everything's starting to blur together, the story just seems long winded, and I'm more than ready for it to be done and a completely new story to begin.

I appreciate the change in direction and the chances that have been taken with the character, I just wish I had reason to truly like them more.

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  1. I think it's sad that Stephanie is seemingly stuck in this book as well. I'd much rather see her in one of the other books getting development with characters we actually care about (Selina aside). Put her and Bluebird together.