Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SPOILERS: Black Canary #3

This is definitely one of those "blink and you miss it" type issues, in fact, you've already read through my entire post, without even knowing it!

The Spoilers:

Well, not really. That said, it is a fairly quick issue, for some less than pleasing reasons, but hey, it's still a good issue. Anyways, the band is on a tight deadline to make it to their next festival, but also have to fend off operatives seemingly attacking their bus. Dinah eventually makes it into one of the vans tailing them, while the rest of the band fends for themselves, and comes to find her husband Kurt driving it.

Long story short, Kurt is actually trying to help Dinah (and Ditto) deal with those things we saw in the first issue, so he and Dinah make their way back to the bus and take out those monster looking things that had infiltrated the bus.

After making the show, Dinah pulls aside Kurt to talk, and talk they do. Turns out that Ditto isn't from this world (no duh) and it was her genes that the government dosed Dinah and Kurt with to give them their powers (I don't even know what Kurt's is?). Kurt volunteered to help, but doesn't have any real intention of handing Ditto back over to his handlers. 

Unfortunately, things go south when no one can find Ditto and it's revealed that Bo, the band's old singer, took her away in a stolen car.


The Opinion:

So like I said, this is a quick issue, aided in part by the fact that it's super action heavy... But also, it's only 16 pages. Turns out, the last issue was only 16 pages too... That sucks? I guess the back matter is technically part of the "main story" page count, but 1. I don't read back matter much in any book, and 2. Even with that stuff, it's shy of the standard 20. So if you breeze through this issue and go "it feels like I'm missing one fifth of my comic," well, there's a reason why.

Technical stuff aside, the issue is very good. I'm no fan of Kurt Lance or all that crappy New 52 continuity that comes with it, but this series has clearly been given lemons and it's making lemonade. All that bullshit I said I didn't like, well, it was random bullshit, but this issue sort of takes the time to humanize things via natural conversation between two characters with no overly dramatic twists and turns that comes with random bullshit. There's a particular scene where, I guess Kurt forgot who Dinah is in the drawn out game of hot potato form book to book which is known as his backstory, but there's a cut away where we see that since then he's taken the time to go over old files and footage in order to try and remember who his wife is. It's sort of like when an Alzheimer's patient looks over photos of their family, trying to remember who they are. Dare I say that I felt the slightest bit of empathy for a character who up until this point, I gave no care towards. Dinah/Kurt aside, I do think the "Ditto is the person you got your super hero genes from and now you're in a band with her, imagine that" twist was a bit too comic-booky convenient, but the positives out weigh the negatives in this situation, as I've been given nothing to get real cynical about.

So overall, quick issue, low page count sucks, but the content is still top notch, even for a person like me who has little tolerance for characters I see as pointless New 52 continuity botches.

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