Wednesday, August 26, 2015

SPOILERS: Batgirl #43

Barbara takes a tiger to suplex city, but it's all for naught when the ref doesn't see the tiger tap out, which allows it to hit Babs with a low blow straight to the lady nuts... Ovaries?

I got to stop watching professional wrestling.

The Spoilers:

Tigers are on the loose at FoxTek, and it's not some new-wave tech motivational workplace bullshit like everyone riding scooters everywhere, it's just straight up tigers killing people.

Batgirl to investigate! After she bails on helping Alysia plan her wedding. With FoxTek being run by Luke Fox, who is on Bat hiatus, I guess, he and Babs work together investigating the scene, as Qadir watches all jealous like from the shadows, until he hears that it was his code which opened the door for the tiger, so he pops out to defend himself and it's later recommended he takes some leave.

Next day at school, Babs talks to Qadir's sister, feeling confident his name will be cleared, when they both run into Jeremy, who is super pissy because his ex is in town, and it didn't go well... ANOTHER TIGER ATTACK!

Abrupt transitions! Babs goes to investigate again and finds Frankie at the scene, once again telling her that field work is a big N-O for her. Regardless, they discover that this time, a different employee's credentials were used to let the tiger in. Some stuff happens, yadda yadda yadda, I want to finish typing because my hands hurt, and they stop a third attack, but Babs gets hurt in the process, once again shutting down Frankie when she says she could have helped. Regardless, Frankie found the link between all the people whose credentials are being used: Jeremy. They were all students under him at the college. Babs doesn't like what she's hearing and heads to bed.

Frankie doesn't like being told "no" all that much, so she grabs Babs' cowl and goes to meet Qadir, in an attempt to get him to build something that would help her out. Meanwhile, Alysia's activist finance  is on a solo mission to rescue some tigers from an illegal zoo or something, and last page cliff hanger, she's caught by Velvet Tiger.


The Spoilers:

The messed up thing is that only half of that opening statement is wrong, Babs did indeed suplex a tiger, and it was pretty rad. Fun issue, felt sort of packed with content, but not rushed at all, paced out perfectly. I'm not sure who Velvet Tiger is (I know she's an oooooold character, but I've never read her) but just by look, and ridiculous nature of her attacks, she seems to fit in perfectly. I'd like to see Babs sort of get an arch villain in this iteration of the Batgirl lore, and visually, Tiger would fit that part.

Let's talk about something I'm not too keen on though... What's with this book and all the romantic options? By my count, there's been four. Early on it seemed Babs had a crush on Jeremy, then there's that cop who disappeared, Qadir has a crush on Batgirl (probably going to move to Frankie now) and now Babs and Luke are getting all flirty. That was the weird one for me, they're talking all familiar with each other this issue, flirting it up, and I'm just like "I'm pretty sure these two have never been on the same page before." It was just one of those things where as a person who pretty much reads everything, it threw me for a loop. Look, none of this is a big deal, it's just one of those things that really came to my attention this issue. Other than that, it was another fun issue.

I mean, she suplexed a fucking tiger!


  1. And in two issues, Dick's going to be showing up in Burnside, and send all these men crying to the homes.

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  3. Velvet Tiger was an early 80's villain who showed up during Batgirl's backup series in Detective Comics. Something something corporate espionage, if I'm remembering it right. She had a brother who was a doofus/ accomplice.