Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Step Aside Magneto, New Detective Team Confirmed

Ahhh, now see, this is why I made this graphic far in advance, because I'm a god damn wizard, and the need for it was 100% inevitable.

If you've been following the site, I've been predicting for about a month or so that the current Detective Comics team would be leaving the title after writer/artist Francis Manapul posted an Instagram of some cover process with the phrase "curtain call" attached.

Today, teasing a new project for October, Manapul confirmed that he and co-writer Brian Buccellato would indeed be exiting the title via couple of tweets, leaving the title open for a new creative team in October (probably). Nothing is known about who is taking over, but Manapul said the next arc would be written by a friend of his… so excuse me, while I go through every single person he's following on Twitter to figure this one out.

Not really.

But maybe.

The "next arc" wording is curious though. Wondering if it's a temp thing, or similar to Genevive Valentine on Catwoman, as apparently she was a initially brought in for an "arc," then was given the job full-time somewhere after that. Regardless of who takes over, I just want something new and interesting... preferably not Harvey Bullock focused.

So is this the part where I say my eulogy for the team? I guess? Look, it's no secret I'm not the biggest fan of the current run. Sometimes I do sound a bit harsh, I'll admit it, but I often do get hung up on the negatives a bit too much if it's something I'm generally not enjoying. There were definite high points such as Manapul's art, no idiot on the internet like myself can take that away. So that said, while the new creative team, whomever they may be, could potentially bring a new and interesting status quo to the table, it'll be hard to match the visuals this book was producing on a monthly basis.

(Source: Francis Manapul Twitter)

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