Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stack Rundown, 07/26/2015

Didn't read a whole lot of books this week, so naturally, I don't have a lot to say! Short post is short, but whatever, my work is done here.

Justice League 3001 #2

This is a fun book. Yep… That’s it. Okay, I’ll give it a little bit more effort… I think the idea that Supergirl is the actual Supergirl and not a DNA transplant is pretty interesting, as it allows an actual hero to give their perspective on the clones or whatever the hell they’re supposed to actually be. I kind of hope that they just go crazy with the cloning and keep producing broken versions of the heroes with hilarious results. FLAT BUTT DICK GRAYSON.

C.O.W.L. #11

It sucks that this was the last issue, and now the creative team is moving on to an Image sci-fi book, and my thoughts on there already being a billion of those are well documented. I mean, I got to wonder, everyone else has to notice that right? What are you supposed to do to make your sci-fi book stand out when your name isn’t Brian K Vaughn? Anyways, I feel like so much more could have been done with this book and everything wrapped up here just felt a little too neat… but given the book was ending, I guess it had to. I think the bare minimal use of the Sparrow character was a bit of a disappointment, but again, I feel like if they brought him in full, it’d be a little too close to retreading the territory already covered by the short film. Oh well, it was a really awesome book while it lasted.

Rick and Morty #4

Considering the new season premieres tonight (!!!) I’m wondering if my enjoyment of this book will fade since the real thing is back. I guess it’s a twisted way of looking at things, but hey man, I can only imagine the voices so well, okay? But anyways, typical Rick and Morty… Rick sorta enslaves an alien race, they rise up against him, shoot him dead… But never mind, it’s a clone! LOL, Morty cried. I will say that Bug-Butler is underutilized, and I need more Bug-Butler. 

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  1. So you didn't read Effigy then? Shame since it was the last issue of the series. Cancelled due to low sale and confirmed by Tim Seeley. :(